Sunday, January 2, 2011
Remember this post Crafting resolutions ... what was I thinking? Like God wouldn't say "Oh you think so do you?" So forget about it all... I have decided that I am not going to hold myself to those boring goals... the only ones I am totally committed to are the two quilts for the Girl's home in Sacramento and doing as much as I can for Quilt Hope In... the rest doesn't matter. I am only making what I want to make this year. If those UFOs stay UFOs so be it. There are way too many fun things going on to hold myself down. I am gonna do a few things that are a little beyond my comfort zone... Oh yes! I have big plans.

Here is something that I want to do:

This is a block for Birdie Stitches which is a BOM by Little Miss Shabby. See the adorable button on my side bar? I have been wanting to do something with embroidery and here it is.

4 comments on "For-gedd-about-it"
  1. Much better! I didn't want to say so, but did think that your previous list was awfully ambitious (and rather overwhelming!!) Too much of a list can really stifle your creativity!

  2. Good plan indeed. It sounds a lot like mine. :)

    and the block is gorgeous! I think Sunkissed would blend with Weekends well...

    As far as Quilt Hope In -- I'm trying to get all the accounts linked so I don't have all the money going through a personal account of mine, and so people can have a tax write-off for their donation. But it takes a long time to hear back from them... I'll write again today. :)

    How are you healing?

  3. is that from a layer cake or jelly roll?


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