Wow... almost to 100....

Saturday, January 22, 2011
Wow, everyone! Thanks for following along. I am almost to 100 followers (actually there are a few more that follow through RSS feed) but the ones that show here on Blogger are the ones I am using to count. If I get to 100 this week I will do another giveaway... I mean we have to celebrate right?

So how about this... five fat quarters of Amy Butler's Soul Blossoms and a really fun book "Sew What Bags".

As of writing there is only one more follower to go. So if we get there by Monday when I close the Pips giveaway, I will start a giveaway for these on Tuesday :)

I am still getting tons of comments from people that are No Reply... this is the last time I will mention it. If you don't know if you are no-reply do these steps:

Log into blogger on your dashboard page, click where it says "edit profile" on the left side of the page. Then check "SHOW EMAIL ADDRESS" in the 3rd line down, and at the bottom of the page click SAVE PROFILE!

If you do not want your email attached to your comments then leave your email in spelled out form in your comment so I can get a hold of you.
22 comments on "Wow... almost to 100...."
  1. What lovely fabric!! The book looks fun too. I'm hoping you get that one more follower .. and then some.

  2. That book looks awesome! And, duh, so does the fabric. :P

  3. Almost there, and not to mention that the giveaway goods are gorgeous and so very generous! :)

  4. What a generous giveaway!

    Please pick me? ;)

  5. The book looks great - can you do a bit of a review before you give it away??

  6. Am already a follower. Book and fabric look awesome, am sure you will make it to 100!

  7. well im follower 101, so you definitely made it!

  8. yea... you're at 101! that bag book looks great! :)

  9. I'm going to start calling your the giveaway fairy. Congrats on hitting 100!

  10. Oh super awesome for you!
    I am at 54, maybe I should try a give away....

  11. Looks like you'll be having another giveaway Tuesday! Woohoo for 101!!

  12. I am sooo seriously drooling over your giveaway stuff!! wow!! and my 16yo would LOVE that book!! She has an addiction to bags...handmade ones especially!!

    And I'm happy to report I was follower #102!! :)


  13. That's awesome!
    Congrats on your 100+

  14. I was a "feed" person - signed up to do my part and I am a follower - gfc - Love the blog.

  15. Im a follower, no 105 :o) The prizes are wonderful, hope to be the lucky one!

  16. I am a follower, and I enjoy it;)

  17. Congrats! I am a "feed" follower!

  18. HI there and congratulations on your 100+ followers! Please add me into the giveaway... I'm a follower too:) thanks/hope I am lucky!

  19. This would be a very grand giveaway!! Bags and Ms Butler have a special place in my heart, it was she (not personally of course) who started me off on my fabric/quilting journey!!


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