The January Bag

Saturday, January 29, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Remember back here when I told you about my city outlawing plastic grocery bags? I promised then that I would be making one bag a month this year so that in January of 2012, when we either have to pay for paper bags or bring our own, we would be ready. I almost let January slip past but just in the nick of time...

The January bag.

My garage doorknob is doing the modeling honors LOL.  I made it this morning.. took pics to do a tutorial then figured there were plenty of tote bag tutorials out there. Next week you might see a little tutorial on how to make your sides look as good as the back and front though.

Have a great weekend!
6 comments on "The January Bag"
  1. Cute fabric! If our city outlawed plastic bags, all the dog owners would be ticked. How else do you pick up poop?

  2. Love your bag, it's really pretty. Can a city really outlaw all plastic bags? Or just those for shopping?
    Seems like something I would like my city to do (well, except for the "dog bags")

  3. No tutorial?! *gasp*

    LOL...just kidding!! I have fabric waiting to be made into a bag too...maybe tomorrow. :)

  4. very nice Julie. :)

    Which city are you in? I used to live and work in Livermore (only for a year though)... it doesn't surprise me that a Bay Area city would outlaw bags.

    I love the little adornments you added... so cute. :)

  5. WOW - what a chic' grocery bag. Love the fabric and little embellishments. I would need 20-30 of these when I shop as I only go about 4-6 weeks apart.

  6. Looks good! The next challenge will be to actually remember to bring them IN from the car with you! That's what I always forget!


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