Happiness Overload!

Thursday, March 10, 2011
Hi Everyone!

Oh my goodness! I had a wonderful morning/early afternoon. I took a little roadtrip up to Livermore to Inbetween Stitches. I had a special reason. My friend and fellow Quilted Fish Creative Consultant Team member, Brooke, is in California for her nephew's wedding. She and her delightful friend, Donna, met my daughter and myself there.

Here we are in the front window area (sorry Erin caught you talking, Brooke):

Dang my hair was already flat... I wish I could get a curl to stay in :)

We did some shopping (eh hem to say the least :) ) I got some Sweet Borderie and some of the new stuff from Dena Designs:

We had both brought little pressie's for eachother so we went to a coffee house and sat down to open them up with refreshments :) Look at the adorable mug rug she brought me:

I love it sooooo much! Look at those awesome dots! Sweet Divinity just makes me smile :) I will let her show you what I brought (if she wants) when she gets home.

One other thing happened before Brooke and Donna arrived... I had a star sighting... Alex Anderson was in the shop... I hid behind a shelf because I was so star struck! Hehe!

Thanks for meeting me today Brooke! It was so awesome! I agree that we need to have a retreat with all the team. How fun would that be? :)

Talk Soon!
8 comments on "Happiness Overload!"
  1. What a fun trip and to be able to meet face to face! I love In Between Stitches. My son & DIL live minutes away from there. It's such a great shop!!! Your goodies are proof of that:)

  2. I so wish I would live in the US now! If I did I could just fly over and meet up with you, too! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun (and fabric!) :)
    And congrats on the new mug rug, it is really pretty!

  3. Oh that is so fantastic that you guys got to meet!

  4. Some lovely fabrics you got and what a sweet gift. It is nice to connect with friends.

  5. The mug rug is so cute! How fun that you got to meet IRL!!

  6. Thank you some much for the great afternoon and the opportunity to meet you and have such a fun afternoon with both you and Brooke. We had a great time. I can't wait to see your next design, it has been so much fun to watch Brooke's and now yours as well. Donna

  7. It truly was a wonderful event!! Thank you for all the kind words! I promise to post about it on Monday! Enjoy!

  8. That is so wonderful! I am so glad you two got together! I would love to meet you all. That mug rug is adorable! And an Alex Anderson sighting! Cool!


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