A little bit of Art and TTT

Tuesday, March 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I was so bad today.... I spent the whole day working on these three little pieces of art..  they are only 4" square. I love them. They will be a little mini board book, a gift for a friend of mine that is having a hard time right now.

For TTT it was 1.5 lbs this week. I just can't believe I am still losing... Weight Watchers seems way to easy. It probably helps that I work out an hour a day now. I love it :)
9 comments on "A little bit of Art and TTT"
  1. Those are really neat! And good job being down again! I ate cupcakes this week -- several -- and was up :(

  2. Love the art!! Congrats on the 1.5!! WW is the best, have been a lifetime member since 1989, it works!

  3. Love the art work!!! Way cool! Congrats on losing more weight - keep it up!

  4. You have a very lucky friend. Congrats on the continued weight loss.

  5. I am sure your friend will love these. They are precious.
    Congrats on the weight loss. Maybe I need to check out WW again. I gave all my stuff away but remember the gist of it all

  6. Your art is so wonderful, Julie!! so inspiring...

  7. WTG on WW for the week!

    I ♥ your mini book and what a precious idea for cheering up your friend!!!

  8. This art project you are doing is so awesome. I want to take that workshop sometime. How thoughtful to cheer up a friend.

  9. Love them all, especially the one on the right. It just speaks to me, even before reading the text :)
    And it's really sweet of you to make something for a friend who needs cheering up!


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