TTT and an apology

Tuesday, March 1, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Just want to apologize to all of my friends on The Quilted Fish Creative team for being so quiet the last few days. A few things happening here... daughter had a state composition test today and I went to one of my favorite blogs this morning and got a computer virus (thank heaven I can fix that, benefits of being a computer geek) and I have been working on my class as you guys I am sorry I haven't been commenting much the last three days or so.

And for TTT 2 lbs this week I am up to a total of 25.5 lbs...weeeeeee
6 comments on "TTT and an apology"
  1. Twenty-five pounds!! Woah - amazing! Congratulations girl!

  2. Never apologize for family needs. I woould like to know what TTT is? 25 # is amazing - congratulations

  3. Glad you are back, how did your daughter make out?

  4. Ah, Julie, I feel like I am the quiet one on the team :)
    Good thing you fixed your pc, mine has been showing bad habits for the last two months and I finally decided to set everything up again (which pretty much took me about three days!)

  5. awesome on the loss! I lost 4 lbs just over lovely being sick NOT

  6. No problem, girlfriend. Ya' gotta' do yer thang! Keep up the great work on your weight loss, workshop, and other fun happenin's!


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