A Good Mail Day

Wednesday, May 4, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am a very lucky girl. Blessed with sweet friends and good swap partners :) Yesterday I received two sweet packages in the mail. One from my good bloggy friend Becky and one from my partner for the Sewn Spaces Swap called The Great Cover Up.

Becky sent me this sweet mug rug she and I are a mutual admiration society and talk about all kinds of things like books and art that is not sewing related :)

And then I got this huge package from London my partner in the sewn spaces swap sent all of these lovely goodies. I feel positivly spoiled.

I have lime and black organizing baskets on my sewing table so she made all of these lovely goodies to match. So perfect!

Happy hump day hope it is a great one!
8 comments on "A Good Mail Day"
  1. Lucky, lucky girl!! Enjoy!

  2. I love the lime and green so pretty. You lucky girl today.

  3. Smarties!!!!!!!!! You got Smarties!!! and I can see that is Cadbury Chocolate even though you are doing your best to hid it!!! Bet its dairy milk too... sigh. My favourite chocolate will be on my list for my next package from the UK... Love the colour of everything too, yep you are a lucky ducky.

  4. I love those kind of smarties. Makes me want to drive to Canada and get some :)

  5. I love the lime and black fabrics, they are just gorgeous. And it's great that your partner matched your baskets.

  6. Oh, gee, that stuff is cute. I just love how making something look like a simple piece of notebook paper is so effective! And the green and black, well, it just works so well.

  7. Such nice friends! And such a lot of loot!

  8. Definitely a good mail day, lots of beautifully made gifts.



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