A peek inside my workroom (AKA don't ya love Ikea?)

Monday, May 2, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I have mentioned before that we have a small house and that I had taken over the formal living room as my workroom. I have been waiting patiently to get shelves for the shop fabric. I wanted to save up some money... but yesterday when our Bible Study group was cancelled we had some unexpected time on our hands so we decided to go to Ikea and finally get the shelves. Hubby spent the day putting them together then we moved them in and he bolted them to the wall.

Isn't my hubby cute? Please excuse the dust on my photography lamp.

Here is all the fabric piled on my quilt frame (yeah! I get to use it again)

The pink foam boards covered with batting are my design wall which used to be where the shelves are now. I have to figure out what to do with those...

Here is what the room used to look like before I took it over (and decorated for Christmas):


Here is the fabric on the shelves... I need to get the rest of the room cleaned up now :)

Have a wonderful Monday... just think only four more days until the weekend :)
12 comments on "A peek inside my workroom (AKA don't ya love Ikea?)"
  1. Looking good! What's a little dust amongst friends and I bet it wasn't there until hubby started drilling the wall for the shelves....wink wink. Hugs

  2. I thought I was the only one who took over the living room with my quilt frame and quilt rack. The shelves filled with fabric look wonderful. Hope you post photos of the rest of your studio.

  3. You could always create a track at the top of your bookshelves to hang your design wall on - then it could slide back and forth in front of your bookshelves - moving out of the way when you need to get something off the shelf! Double use for your space....

  4. Ohh, what fun, and what a great space that's going to be when you're all done fixing it!

  5. Your new shelves look great, and using your formal living room is a good way to put the space to use.
    I have a question: What kind of board did you use for your design walls? I've asked my brother to make me a second design wall which I will lean against the closet door in my sewing room/spare bedroom. My current wall is made of 1/2" thick foam insulation board --stiff enough to stand up, but easy to put pins in. Your walls look thicker and sturdier. (The standard width of my insulation board is 4' wide). Thanks so much.

  6. It looks great. I purchased the same cabinets (Billie, right?) except mine was bluish silver. I love them. Of course, I did not bolt them to the walls. Hope they don't fall over any time soon.

  7. Love it! Can I come visit? Also, those shelves are looking a tad bit bare. You need more fabric!!!

  8. Love the new shelves! Lucky you to live so close to an Ikea!

  9. Looking good! You are lucky to live near an IKEA. I have never even been in one. But maybe that's a good thing. It must feel so decadent to be able to walk in there and just revel in all that fabric!

  10. How do you not touch the fabric???


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