Sew Brightly Dawns the Monday of the Week...

Monday, May 9, 2011
In which I experience my first Quilt Market...

I am thankful that:
1. I got the sewing and crafting done that I promised I would (to take for a special booth)
2. That I have the most amazing hubby ever!
3. That I get to do what I love everyday now instead of just on the weekends :)
4. I get to meet all kinds of people that until now have been only virtual friends.

While I am gone two lines of fabric will be coming to the shop... Kumari Garden Holiday

And a little something from a certain Miss Pink at least I think that is what it is... Free Spirit/Westminster doesn't tell you what they are sending you get to have a big surprise when you open the boxes :)

The shop will be closed while I am gone (of course because there will be no one here to cut and ship) but when I get back there will be fun things in store...and in the store :)

I leave Wednesday morning so you might hear from me one more time before I go. For those that signed up for the newsletter I will have the first one out before the end of the month.

Talk soon!
5 comments on "Sew Brightly Dawns the Monday of the Week..."
  1. Okay Hun you have a really good time and enjoy every minute of it.. wish I was going too.... but it's just a little bit too far away .... LOL. Hugs

  2. Have fun! I am so jealous! Full report expected!

  3. have a great time. Love the new fabric

  4. I just became a follower of your blog.


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