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Tuesday, May 3, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Hope you had a good Monday. Mine was so much fun. I got a lovely note from a customer of mine on Etsy. Her  name is Breanna and she sells the most adorable baby and toddler organic t-shirts and onsies in her shop Starlight Threads she had made a super cute Owl toddler t-shirt with some Happier fabric she had bought from me. She sent me this adorable picture:

As soon as I get back from market I am going to put up a customer appreciation gallery on the website. If you have bought fabric from me and made something I would love to put up a picture from you and link to whatever webpage you would like. Let me know.

On another front I have have good and bad news... The good  news is I have new fabric coming. The bad news is I have no idea which new fabric is coming... It might be this line:

Kumari Garden Holiday
I hope it is. When I saw it I just couldn't resist it.

Oh almost forgot it is TTT... I lost another pound last week. I feel like it is going really slow but I will keep pounding away at it :)

Talk soon!
4 comments on "Mutual Admiration Society..."
  1. That is a nice fabric line. The owl is cute, thanks for sharing.

  2. That's so nice. What a cute thing she made. I was up yesterday when I weighed in. It is so frustrating when I'm following the plan to the letter. The girl at the place looks like she doesn't believe I'm writing down everything I'm eating and eating the portions I am. But I am being very well behaved. Grr... So, don't worry about pounding away one at a time. It works!

  3. Such a cute owl! And as for weight loss being slow -- just think if you had gained the amount you've lost in the same amount of time. You'd be so upset! Down is good, no matter how long it takes to get there.

  4. The owl is such a fun piece and your new line is beautiful, gorgeous prints.



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