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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Hi Everyone!
I am Brooke from Silly Mama Quilts and Julie's friend! I have the awesome priviledge of hosting here for the next few days!! Be sure to check back for some fun stuff while Julie is gone!
Today I thought I would share this great ruler with you. My VBF bought one for me and I LOVE it! Click here to see the Guideline's website with all they offer. I enjoy using this ruler when cutting lots of strips the same size, as the guide underneath holds my fabric in place and it doesn't slip. Do you have a favorite go to tool? I would love to hear from you!
5 comments on "A Favorite..."
  1. I use my 6x24 ruler the most! It's my favorite so far :)

  2. My favorite tool is my ergonomic seam ripper. I use it a lot.

  3. the "click here" link isn't working for me!

  4. I am sorry about the link, you are correct - it should be http://www.guidelines4quilting.com
    Sorry!!! I am trying to fix it in the post, but blogger is fighting me ;)

  5. My you are just a busy girl=)


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