A tour of sorts...

Wednesday, June 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

My first mug rug

Since I have been so busy with the shop I haven't had nearly enough time to sew and the few things that I am working on I can't show (surprises) I thought I would give you a tour of some of my friends handmade goodies.

Above is a mug rug that my new friend Sasha made with some fabrics she got from my shop. I love how she mixed the Prince Charming with the Silent Cinima they go so well together. She got the idea from my friend Brooke's tutorial last week on The Quilted Fish Blog. This was her first attempt at free motion quilting. Didn't she do a fabulous job?

Speaking of Brooke ... here is a mug rug she made out of Kumari Garden Holiday. This proves that my imagination is lacking because I seriously thought you needed huge blocks to show off this fabric. This is so lovely. It can be found in her etsy shop.

 My friend (and Quilt Market Roomie) Sally has been busy. A mug rug and pillow from Little Apples and a quilt from Silent Cinema (and more) you should see her blog today she has been busy! Don't hate me for stealing your pictures Sally :)

Hoo's In The Forest is in the shop and it is cuteness overload as Sasha told me this morning :)

Talk soon!
8 comments on "A tour of sorts..."
  1. Those are all fabulous projects. I love the mug rugs.

  2. I saw Brooke's mug rug in her shop last night. Now I want to make one using Kumari!! Thank you for this post!! I love seeing what everyone is up too =D
    Haha...maybe I should have taken a better picture of my mug rug :)

  3. You are so awesome!!! Thanks so much for the shout out!!! Have a marvelous day!

  4. The mug rugs are beautiful...so are the other creations!

    I might need to make a few mug rugs...they are inspiring me! =)

  5. Adorable projects. I am finishing up 4 Kindle Kozys today :)

  6. Lovely projects I especially like the Prince Charming one... x

  7. Such cute projects. I have so many ideas in my head but not enough time at the moment. So frustrating! Thanks for sharing. Jacinta

  8. Loved the blogs you listed! Thanks for sharing :)


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