Off to the Guild...

Saturday, June 4, 2011
Okay maybe not at 5:49 in the morning but at some point today...

I am a member of the Modern Quilt Guild for the west side of the San Francisco Bay Area. There is an East Bay guild too and they have some amazing artists.

I have so much to work on today it is almost counter productive for me to go, but I just have to, it is one of the highlights of my month.

LouLouThi is in the shop and I have it at a great price so go take a look if you have been wanting some. I also have marked all of my sale items down to 30% off that includes Sherbet Pips, Silent Cinema, Happier, and Kumari Garden.

Meet you back here on Monday. Have a safe and happy weekend.

3 comments on "Off to the Guild..."
  1. We don't have one of the Modern Quilt Guilds near me, but we do have 3 regular ones to choose from. I used to go and I loved it. Now my husband works too many evening. sigh. Someday!

  2. We don't have a quilt guild at all, but I would love to belong or see some of the quilts they make!

  3. Enjoy and I gotta get time to check out your shop.


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