Friday Fun Day... woohoo!

Friday, March 9, 2012
Hi Everyone,

If you are looking for this week's giveaway it is over at Happy Quilting here. Today I thought I would talk about a site I just discovered the other day. I know tons of you have probably seen it ... but believe me I haven't had time for scouring the web lately :)

This is Design Seeds.  I had seen color palettes taken from photos of course. There is just something about the way Jessica puts them together that speaks to me more than any others have. She mixes her own colors in Illustrator to make them. Her blog is super inspirational as well. Here is todays palette:

Could you just eat it up? I could spend hours looking through her palettes. The handy thing is she has a search feature for the palettes. Also you can get books that are downloadable with her palettes for only $5.99 so cool. I haven't had a chance to search through more than the first few pages but wow what fun! I can totally see new fabric color bundles coming from this inspiration.

What are some of your favorite inspiration sites?

Have a super weekend, if I don't see ya!
9 comments on "Friday Fun Day... woohoo!"
  1. What a neat resource! I really like the new background here on your blog. So fresh! :)

  2. Design Seeds has been a favorite of mine for a while. It is a great source of color inspirations.

  3. Julie, this is perfect for me! I am color coordinating challenged! I have seen some of her palettes on Pinterest but I had no idea where they were all coming from. I have bookmarked this site - thanks :D

  4. That is beautiful! I have never heard of this site so "Thank you!" for passing it on....


  5. That color combo is very beautiful. I had heard of that but had sort of forgotten about it! Thanks! HOpe all is well. I went to order some charm packs from you yesterday but I had internet problems. I better go do that now.

  6. I could spend hours looking through all the color combos at Design Seeds!

  7. Love that site, although I haven't had a chance to use any in anger yet :o)


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