Happy Monday!

Monday, March 12, 2012
Hi Everyone!

Are you ready to get your work week on? I am... I am kind of hoping things calm down the tiniest bit now thtat the stress of opening the web shop is under my belt. We had a couple hiccups but I think they are mostly resolved... still have the 15 item limit but I am sure the website host is working on it.

I actually got to sit down and do some hand quilting for a little while this weekend. I finished my Pillow Talk pillow,  and of course it rained so I couldn't get any great pictures.

I kinda love it. I hope my partner does too.

Summerlove from Art Gallery should be here tomorrow. They sent out a promo email with some awesome eye candy in it. As usual the pictures up until now have not done this fabric justice it is gorgeous! 
Here is a Sneaky Peek! (it is okay they let us use their pictures)

I am so in love with it... what do you think? 

One of the great things about the new website is I can do sales on a whim. It doesn't take hours to change the price on every fabric in a collection like it does on etsy... so expect more fun sales to pop up... they mght only last an hour or two or a day or maybe a week...

Have a wonderful Monday! Spread a little Sunshine to your world!
24 comments on "Happy Monday!"
  1. Your pillow looks amazing. I know I would love it!!

  2. I love your pillow and I am sure your partner will too! Summerlove looks yummy! Have a great week Julie!

  3. Lovely pillow and your partner will be happy.
    The fabrics are awesome.

  4. Beautiful pillow and yummy fabrics!

  5. Love this fabric! I'm soooo over red and aqua (is that allowed?), and this coral and gorgeous blue is a welcome change. Scrumptious!

  6. For sure loving Summerlove! Who was it...? Someone made a quilt with this line already and it was glorious. Fresh Lemons, maybe? ANyway, I'm excited you're getting it in. Maybe if I save my money I'll be able to afford some!!

  7. Gorgeous pillow!!!!!! I love it!
    That fabric sure does look pretty!!

  8. Summer Love...that looks wonderful! Your hand quilting looks great, too!

  9. Oh my, I am in Summer Love!

    Love your pillow too.

  10. What a beautiful pillow...your partner will love it!!! Those new fabrics look dee-licious!!! TFS

  11. Those are beautiful fabrics!!
    Now I want to go to the beach :)

  12. That Summerlove loves divine!!

  13. Cute pillow!! I'm sure your partner is going to love it.
    The fabric collection looks like SUMMER!

  14. Great color choices for the pillow. I'm sure your partner will absolutely love it.

  15. omgosh...I can't wait for Summerlove!I have to get some quilts sewn up so I can justify buying that! The colors just make me swoon!! :) and of course, I adore your sweet pillow!!!

  16. I had a kind of crappy start to my work week, so I'll try and embrace it all again tomorrow :oD

    Love your cushion, sure your partner will too :o)

  17. Your pillow is wonderful! Hand quilting. Wow. I want a lesson! Your little eye candy is awesome too. I always forget to enter the sale code! Hee hee.

  18. Lovely pillow! I've looked around on your new website and love the layout. I have a short list of items I want to order but need to wait until next week before doing so.

    I had a friend ask me where I've been getting some of the fabrics I have been using lately. Our local shop doesn't carry most of the great modern prints you do. I gave her your card and she told me she has already placed one order!

  19. More lovelies including your pillow x

  20. Hope you had a great day, Jules! I came home to a little package from you. Made MY day! Thank you for your super fast shipping. You are awesome! Check out my blog tomorrow. I'll have a post that features, in part, the prize I won from you! :-)

  21. Oh, I'm in Summerlove!! Such a great combination of colors, with the red, warm orange and aqua! I may have to have some of this.....

  22. I love this pillow too Julie! It's gorgeous!

  23. Oh,I relly love the picture with the fabrics on the beach and the ocean waves in the background. It's simply pretty! Your pillow looks awesome if your partner doesn't like it tell her to send it to me! :)

  24. Oh my gosh, how can you keep doing this to me? LOL That Summerlove is gorgeous!


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