Oops a little too much down time.... Name game winner.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I am sorry I have been so quiet. I know when I receive two messages in one morning asking how I am, that I have been taking a little too much time off  :) I am fine, just recovering from having family here for three weeks straight and such a crazy busy shop for the last couple weeks... all good I assure you!

So what did we name her?


Hanauma Bay: You can find her in the shop here and here

Thanks Diane... I will email you soon.

You guys want to see why I named it that:

That is one big beautiful blue bundle isn't it?

Did you see what Maureen made out of Summerlove?

Are those the cutest birds or what?

Wahh I need to sew!!! Maybe this weekend... :)

Talk soon!
17 comments on "Oops a little too much down time.... Name game winner."
  1. That picture of Hanauma Bay is gorgeous!!!! It's a perfect name for the bundle!!! I hope you get to sew something soon!!

  2. never heard that name but then clicked on the link, a very fitting name!

  3. wow, I love summer love. I want some but I am on a fabric diet for a bit.

  4. that is great colors in the fabric

  5. Yay for Diane, and good for you for having some down time xxx

  6. congrats to the winner.
    love that pillow

  7. What a perfect name! Really evokes Hawaii :D Those birds are awesome too. Lots of talent all around!

  8. Great name (even if I can't pronounce it) and cute pillow!

  9. Glad you are okay! I love the name you picked.

    That pillow is ADORABLE!!! I WANT ONE!

  10. Perfect name. I use to swim / snorkle in Hanauma Bay. It is fantastic.

  11. I really love the pillow! And the fabric is beautiful :~)

  12. Thank you for sharing Julie! I am just in love with all the fabrics Pat Bravo is designing lately!! :)

  13. Perfect name for that beautiful fabric.....
    And saw Maureen's pillow on her blog...love it!


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