Fabric Avalanche!!!!

Friday, August 3, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Eskimo Pie Flannel, Coquette, Down Under and the rest of the Kona Modern Quilts prints that I ordered came today... Also an update on the most anticipated... Bella now says September (update: just talked to my rep and it will be here in August after all) whoop!  Madrona Road will be here soon they were holding my order because three of the bolts are back ordered I told them to send it and send the other bolts when they come, in two weeks. Field Study and Chickopee should be here in 2 weeks and so should all of the Kokka.


Down Under
 Eskimo Pie Flannel

Kona Modern Quilts

10 comments on "Fabric Avalanche!!!!"
  1. You will be seeing my paypal payment soon, thanks for emptying my account! (again!)

  2. Oops, please let me know when listed. LOVE Down Under. Maybe I'll wait for Chicopee? Or Field Study?

  3. How do you ever have ROOM to move around?? The minute a sale ends you get even MORE new fabric!

  4. Yay!! I've been checking every day to see when the Kokka arrives. :)

  5. I am literally drooling. . .

  6. Man, I really need to save some money for all the upcoming gorgeousness :o)

  7. Holy Smokes, Julie! I'm going to really try to use self-restraint but it's going to be difficult!! As always, your photos make me drool!

  8. You had better rest up for the arrival of Field Study and Kokka - I'm sure the rush will be on!

  9. Can you still get in the front door? ;o) Looking forward to the Bella...


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