Oh Dear... Oh Deer

Saturday, August 18, 2012
Oh Deer is here... It reminds me of Half Moon Modern but the dots are smaller :)

Oh Deer by Momo

The tiny deer slay me...

Field Study and Chicopee are here too but I am waiting on one more box on Monday then I can get bundle pictures...
9 comments on "Oh Dear... Oh Deer"
  1. Julie, you are awful for posting this so close to payday! ;)

  2. AY YI YI!! I love this line! What I really want to make is placemats for my daughter - wouldn't this look great with Fiestaware? She has Lemongrass, Scarlet,Turquoise, Marigold, Peacock, Sunflower, Tangerine and Flamingo! See what I mean??? Trying to decide which prints to use and which prints her new hubby will 'put up' with. :s

  3. I am thinking a bundle with all the different "dotted" fabrics in this line (from all the colorways) would be a great seller. (and if I won one for the idea, even better ha ha)

  4. Wow - I've seen bits of this collection, but it's pretty stunning as a whole! I LOVE the colors - so many bold bright beautiful colors!!!!

  5. Fun Fun Fun, just ordered from this line for the sewintertwined QAL, through your super great special listing, Thank you

  6. A QAL with this? How much fun? I really like the stripes. I agree with Gene, I would love a bundle of dots. I can see them with other dots (hint, hint) for a Dresden Plate. What size are the birds, wonder if they would work for the windows in "Neighborhood" by Elizabeth Hartman (Oh Fransson!)?

  7. OMG!! Too dsrned cute! I love ALL of the colorways, too. Yummmm.....

  8. This line is absolutely fabulous.Love all,spectacular!


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