I am so flattered...

Wednesday, August 1, 2012
Hey Everyone,

If you haven't seen it yet Art Gallery Fabrics has a little story about my shop. Go have a look see. Many thanks to Adrianne for her photography skills and to my sweet friend Jennifer for the loan of all of her amazing Art Gallery creations.

30 comments on "I am so flattered..."
  1. Yours is my favorite online shop. Congratulations!

  2. That was a wonderful interview. I loved the quilt that was in the background shots, was it made from AG fabrics?

  3. Well done you for featuring, I think you should up sticks and move over here, I would love you to be near me!
    Lovely fabrics, and super attitude!

  4. yep i read it.. was beautiful to know you better! o by the way i have a complet black out.. did you send me the fabric for the tutorial for septembre??? i order a lot past few days and honestly don't remember.. do you?thank's helping open my lights!

  5. I'll hop over there right now

  6. Congrats on the feature, well deserved :o)

  7. Great article about you and your shop Julie. And that's an awesome picture of you too.

  8. great interview! :)
    You do have a wonderful shop...

  9. Wonderful!

    I loved to read it!

    I think I gonna contact you regarding the assistant job, I would love to do that!


  10. Really great interview. I don't know the fabric lines very well but that's an awesome feature I'll have to watch their blog.

  11. Julie, congratulations on the interview. It was so nice to get to know you and The Intrepid Thread a little better! Congratulations on your shop and on your excellent service. I can only wish you lots of success! Hug. Ana

  12. Congrats Julie...I truly love your shop and really enjoy reading your interview.

  13. Well deserved Julie and it was really fun reading so much about you and your family!

  14. That was a great article! Congrats on the shout out. You deserve it!

  15. Great article. Congratulations!

  16. Great interview Julie! And you do have the best fabric shop ever. You rock!

  17. Awesome interview, Julie! Thanks for the link. It was a great read. Nice to get to know a bit more about you. :)

  18. You are amazing Julie. A wonderful friend, a wonderful soul, an inspiration and the world is truly a better place with you in it. I loved reading even more about you!

  19. What an awesome interview! I love getting to see behind the scenes :)

  20. Left a comment at AGF, but congrats, Julie! Very weel-deserved.

  21. I loved reading the article, and getting to see a picture of your!! great job :-)

  22. Congrats Julie!! I'm so behind on my blog reading, I'm off to check it out now!

  23. Julie, there is nothing to compare with recognition by your own colleagues, such as a supplier which is also has high standards and designs. A ggod interview.
    Fabric by Art Gallery is better than any food as it keeps on giving.
    Congratulations - love the fabrics but nothing like feeling it.

  24. It was so great that they did that! Congrats!


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