Friday, December 7, 2012

Friday Fun Day and the Giveaway

Hi Everyone,

Wow this week went by so fast! What have you all been doing? We started making those cute little stars out of fat quarters the other day and now we can't stop ... it is so addicting :)

How would you like to win this bundle?

We are giving it away over at Maureen's blog today. So head on over and see if you can get some.

5 days before we open our doors at the shop. Scary! We have an inspection today so wish us well.



  1. you have got to be soooo excited! Congrats! Can't wait to see opening day photos

  2. You are in California, I may have to come see you this next year. Congrats on yoir new store.

  3. Good luck with inspection! Can't wait to see the new shop!

  4. Love this bundle, and hope the inspection went well!

  5. I hope the inspection went well! :) Love this sunny bundle!

  6. Hope the inspection went well. Lovely bundle - summery!

  7. I just found out I won your wonderful giveaway. Christmas has come early, courtesy of you and Maureen. Thank you and good luck with the shop.


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