Fat (quarter) Tuesday News and Pre-view

Tuesday, August 20, 2013
Hi Everyone,

Today is our final blow out of Fat (quarter) Tuesday. We are going to do it a little differently. We have 20 bundles today. Yes, 20! These bundles are still one of a kind but if it is possible to make something similar then we will add more than one of each bundle to the listing. This means if you order the bundle you might not get the exact one pictured but something similar to it in color.

If you only want the exact bundle just choose the drop down option on the listing that says "If we do not have the full amount that you ordered of this item:  Cancel this item" Then we will refund you instead of filling the order with a similar bundle.It is still possible that the bundles and similar will be sold out and in that case, as always, we will refund you right away.

These bundles will be posted at 7pm Pacific US time tonight in our Fat Quarters section of the shop.

7 comments on "Fat (quarter) Tuesday News and Pre-view"
  1. These look fabulous. Can't wait!

  2. Ok yall! I am calling dibbs on 2-1 and/or 2-2 or maybe 2-3 or 4-1 IDK! I am setting my alarm on my phone right now! Maybe I can get one of these characters this time.lol
    may the best fabricholic win!
    xo jan

  3. I would love 1-3...but don't see them in the fat quarters section using the link provided above.

    Are they all gone?

  4. Thank you for doing a different time! I've placed my 1st order and can't wait to get my goodies. ;-)



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