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Friday, August 23, 2013
Hi Everyone,

If you have joined the Alison Glass Sun Prints club and you are wondering where the fabric is you are not alone. The Feathers were supposed to be delivered in July and the Text this month but they haven't come yet. I have confirmation from Andover (the distributor) that my orders were correct, yet for some reason we still haven't gotten our delivery. This happens sometimes but I am really frustrated. I have a message into my Sales Rep but probably won't hear anything back until at least Monday. That being said it usually does take us about a week longer to get things than most of the online retailers that you know because we are on the West Coast and the fabric is shipped UPS ground from the East Coast. I promise I am just as anxious for it to arrive as you are. Please, stick in there a little longer with us.

Thanks so much,
3 comments on "Sun Prints Club "
  1. Thanks for he update. I've seen some great projects on the blog hop.

  2. Thanks for the update :) Luckily I have plenty of fabric to keep me busy... maybe I better start planning a project for when it does arrive though, what a slacker I am!

  3. Hi Julie! I didn't join the club, but I'm interested in the text prints. Did you plan on carrying stock in your store too? Thx : )


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