Fat (quarter) Tuesday

Tuesday, August 6, 2013
Welcome to Fat (quarter) Tuesday

We are doing one of a kind fat quarter bundles on Tuesdays. 12 fat quarters for $20 makes them $1.66 a piece. Here are this weeks 5 one of a kind bundles. With our website putting it in your cart won't save it for you. These are one of a kind and first come first serve. If the one you order is not available because someone got it before you, we will refund you right away.

Here all gone... sorry... next week I will change the link

6 comments on "Fat (quarter) Tuesday"
  1. Not sure how a person gets these! Literally saw the post show up, clicked on it and they were gone! Great for those that got them, but how can I get quicker notification?

  2. Yes, I don't get it either. Post pops up, but also with the crossed out up-date of sold out - how is that even possible!!!! They would have to sell before the post goes,( how is that possible) so why post it??

  3. The bundles Were beautiful!

  4. I was on FB and just happened to see the post and clicked over.

  5. I have no idea how to get them-I have not seen them in the shop!


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