Monday, August 5, 2013
First of all Happy Monday! I know it has been a long time since I did a Happy Monday post. I just had to tell you a story about Saturday....

Inspired by a comment on the giveaway post from Saturday, thanks Pam, I decided to make up some custom bundles for sale this week. I thought I could fit some in if we weren't too busy on Saturday. It turned out I only had time to make one...

I decided not to limit myself to a certain number but to just keep adding until I had what I thought was a cohesive group that would make an awesome quilt. I came up with 16 pieces for the bundle. Then I was asking my assistant what we should name it. As I was taking photos Joanie, my assistant ,was having a conversation with a customer. They were talking about beads, Joanie also works at a bead shop once a week, and Joanie mentioned that she would love to go to Glass Beach to get some glass for making jewelry. I said "That is what I should name this bundle, Sea Glass".(cont. below)

 Sea Glass Fat Quarters and Half Yards

When we make a custom bundle we usually go ahead and cut a half yard of so that it is easy to re-create and we have a head start on any orders. Joanie wrote a note to attach to it so that everyone else would know what it was and she accidentally wrote "Sea Grass" instead of  "Sea Glass". So we laughed.... at lunch she was skimming through a new book that we got in called "A Month of Sundays" by Cheryl Arkison, who is one of my favorite people (in other words she is a super sweetheart), and she found a quilt called "Sea Grass". By this time things are getting eerie... well not really but ... serendipitous for sure. The palette in the quilt is so similar to this one I created.

So later on I was thinking about writing this blog post and I thought maybe I could find a picture of Glass Beach that has some of the colors in it that I used in the palette.  One of the first ones I found was this one from ZMEScience

Perfect... so I made a palette with Play_Crafts new version of the Palette Maker. I love the new feature of the Kona color match.

So that is my story...
7 comments on "Serendipity!"
  1. What a beautiful bundle! And a great story too. Happy Monday Julie :)

  2. You have to love it when a mistake comes to a beautiful ending!

  3. Aaaw. I was just looking at that book Saturday, wondering if I should add it to the list. Love the colors! Thank you.

  4. Beautiful fabrics! I think I must like anything that has the idea of the Sea in it somewhere, lol. :)

  5. I love the colors in Aspen Frost Iced Aqua!!

  6. Beautiful colors, just like the glass beach which is in Fort Bragg, California. It's a beautiful area, visited there years ago.

  7. I am terrible at putting fabrics together, and I waste so much time on it. Love having someone else do that for me. These are beautiful together.


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