Angel Band Christmas Table Runner Tutorial

Friday, October 10, 2014

Good Morning!! Sally here from Sally's Angelworks. Julie is such a sweetie to let me take over today's post!!

Today, I want to teach you a quick way to create a fun table topper using a fun panel by Janet Wecker Frisch from Quilting Treasures called Angel Band

Right now, Julie has her non-holiday panel, She Who Sews up in her store! This would be a perfect gift to whip up for your favorite sewist or quilter!

Here's what we're making:

Angel Band Table Runner
Finished Size: 75"x12"

What we need:
Fabric Panel 
2 fat quarters for borders
4 half yards coordinating fabrics (squares and backing)
neutral thread

Cutting instructions:
Trim 4 of your panel blocks to 10" square.
Cut three 9" squares from 3 different coordinating prints.
Cut four 9"x1.5" strips of white background patterned print.
Cut four 11"x1.5" strips of white background patterned print.
Cut two 9"x1.5" strips of black background patterned print.
Cut two 11"x1.5" strips of black background patterned print.
Trim the bottom of the panel (little angels) into two rectangles sized 4.75"x10" centering the angels. 
Cut five WOF x 1.5" strips of black background patterned print for top and bottom borders.
Use the rest of your half yards to piece your backing: 14"x80"

Alternate cutting option:
If you are concerned about the text being cut off in the seam allowances, cut to 11.5". This will leave the red outline around your block. It will also make your table runner longer and wider.
Cut your other blocks to 10.5". 
Adjust your top and bottom block strips to 10.5" width.
Angel borders should be 4.75" x 11.5".
Backing size - 18"x 88".

Let's sew!!

Sew your 9" strips to the top and the bottom of your three 9" blocks. Use the white background patterned fabric strips for the two outside blocks and the black background patterned fabric for the middle block.

Sew your 11"x1.5" strips to the sides of your three blocks. These strips will be too's okay! Trim those three blocks down to 10" blocks.

Sew your blocks alternating with your panel blocks starting and ending with the panel blocks.

Sew your angels onto the ends of your runner top. 

Sew the black border strips onto the top and bottom of your runner top.

Make your quilt sandwich!!
Backing on the bottom, wrong side up, batting, then the top, wrong side down. Baste!!

Quilt your table runner the way you want to. I used neutral (ecru) thread and a meandering stitch. 

Add your binding and you are done!!

(my backing)

Did I mention I love the cello? 

And now we're ready for Christmas!!! 

To see more wildness that is going on in my head, visit my blog at! And thanks to Julie for the awesome Angel Band collection and for letting me crash her blog!!

This is silly us two years ago!!!!! Luckily, Julie and I will be back together in a few weeks here in Houston at Quilt Market! We promise lots of fun pics...of fabric...LOL!!!

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