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Thursday, October 30, 2014
Hey Everyone,

I know it is one more Market post. I am always a couple days later than everyone. I have great respect for those that can process the information overload known as Quilt Market so quickly and hit the ground running when they get home. I am just not one of those people.

Here is a rare sight... me on a telephone. I hate talking on the phone send me an email any day.

With two of my besties... Sally and Brooke

So what do you say ... want to see some lovelies from Market?

I am so stinkin' proud of our Maureen! I always knew she was brilliant now everyone else does too!

Please excuse the millions of pics about to appear
She won the Best New Exhibitor award. We have her fabric up for pre-sale in the shop and if you didn't know... when you pre-order from us you get one of these amazing exclusive postcards that Maureen offered only to us:

 You can color it and send it in the envelope that will be included or you can keep it for yourself.

I know, I know on to the pics. Here are some pictures of her booth:

Weeeee our Maureen @maureencracknell

And a close up of that amazing pillow!
Eeeeee! @maureencracknell  #quiltmarket

Here is something else I am super excited about:

The new Ellen Luckett Baker collection from Kokka. The sheep, fruit, and scallops are cotton/linen canvas and the other prints are double gauze. We are getting it all in the shop. There are metallics on some of the prints. I think they are done tastefully. Totally in love with every print in this collection.

Speaking of double gauze the girls from Cotton + Steel have collaborated on a double gauze collection to go in there next line.

it is called Bespoke... and I think it will go great with the Ellen Luckett Baker Double Gauze. They had a gorgeous double gauze quilt in the booth and it is so stinkin' soft. I am making one for sure. And it obviously makes great clothes.

I did the order months ago so it should all be in in January.

Okay I am overwhelmed by the pictures again... where to start...

We have Handcrafted in the shop so how about I show those?


Alison's booth was so inspirational. I loved the way she displayed everything. 


These are gorgeous. We have Alison's book available in the shop right now. It is about Applique. Her stitching is so fun!

And just a few pictures to show how great it is for clothes:

@alisonglass  loving this booth!
You know I have to make this sweater too right?

Need to make clothes out of this!


Too much eye candy yet?? NEVER!!!

Tula Pink's booth never ceases to amaze... I didn't know you could get that much pink into that small of a space. :) I love that the Queen Elizabeth print is called 16th Century Selfie.

This is our Jessica Darling, being a princess. She is coming to the shop in December to teach a color class. I am told it will amaze you and free your mind (by people who have taken it, not Jessica) :)

@jessicakdarling  you are a princess

This is Biology by Sarah Watson for Cloud 9. It is organic... and arriving in December at the shop:
@cantoneverettdelaware3rd  just for you

And here are Bonnie Christine's two new collections that will be arriving in spring:

Cultivate by @goinghometoroost  #latergram #quiltmarket

and Hello Bear
Hello Bear by @goinghometoroost  so precious #latergram #quiltmarket

Here is April Rhodes' Wanderer. One of the prints has her photographs on it. I think it is a lovely follow up to her Arizona.

@aprilarhodes  Wanderer!

And here is our friend Sarah in her cute booth:

@sewsweetness  So adorable!

Carolyn Friedlander's Doe is on the way in December. We have a giveaway for a charm pack here. As always it is very architectural and spare in the best of ways.

Okay... I have been writing this post for 3 hours... time to get something else done. I will leave you with some pictures of people that we love!

@katespain  #quiltmarket

Kate Spain

Hello Kate Spain! @katespain and my favorite girls @sallykeller814 @sillymamaquilts @bryanhousequilts

And Pat Bravo my sweet sweet friend and mentor.

@patbravodesign Thanks for another lesson in life. We love you!

One last thing... Going to Market gives us the chance to make lovely new friends. I was fortunate to meet Emma Jean Jansen the designer of Terra Australis and it just so happens she has an aunt that lives very close to me. So as she was on her way home to Australia she stopped to visit her aunt and .... came to the shop to visit us. Here she is yesterday posing with her fabric in the shop:

Emma Jean Jansen

There are a few more pictures to show, of course, but for now... I say so long :)
12 comments on "The Market Download"
  1. Great photos....the best yet that I have seen from Market. Thank you for making me wonder.....just how much can I buy!?! :-)

  2. I love your market reports!
    And I don't care if they come three days late - you did an amazing job! Great pictures, and your report makes me feel a little bit like I was there.

    I am already thinking about how to justify to buy all these lovely fabrics....

    double gauze - hooray!

  3. I loved seeing all of the pictures from Market. It looks like so much fun.

  4. Looks you have great days.The first pic is super fun!

  5. You are a hoot! Looks like a great time! Your photos are the best!!!

  6. There are never too many pictures from Market.

  7. Oh, I bet you had such a great time! Hopefully you get to relax a bit from all that excitement (right!).

  8. Love all the pics! I especially like the outfits in the first few pics and the sweater you're going to make. Are you going to carry any of those patterns in the shop? I think you need to start carrying yarn too :)

  9. Some really great stuff there, Julie! I cannot wait for the Ellen Luckett Baker stuff, especially the sheep! I have an idea for that one already. So many pretties!!

  10. It was fun seeing following it on IG. Can't wait til they start shipping!

  11. Looks like you had another fab Market :o)


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