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Thursday, October 16, 2014
Hey Everyone,

Thought I would just show you a bit of what I have been making lately.... it is true I have thrown myself into knitting with a vengeance  but I have done a bit of sewing... Here is a blouse that I am not quite finished with (it needs a neck facing and hem) hopefully it will be done tomorrow night so I can wear it at Market next week. I made it with Cherie Knit and AMH Rayon I adore the feel of the rayon and the Art Gallery Knits are so soft and drapey.

Now the parade of knits LOL... I made a deal with myself when I decided to start knitting that I was only allowed 3 projects at once. Meaning on the needles. So before I can start new projects I have to finish old ones. Has been a good policy so far.

Just finished this West Desert Hood so much prettier in person. I made it from some hand spun yarn that my friend Colleen The Busy Bean spun just for me.

I am working on this Daybreak shawl I got bored because it is so BLUUUUEEE (I have discovered I need a little neon in my knits to keep me interested) so it is a slow go right now... and my plan for a big shawl might become a small shawl :)

Here is my other project on the needles at the moment... Covey in Madeleine Tosh DK color Forestry... the green is so gorgeous!

So I have been talking a lot about supporting your local shops and small business like my own. It hits home even more to us in the Quilting world because of the loss of four of our favorite shops. Right now the fact that those shops are selling all of their inventory at a huge discount has really effected us. We have had a struggle the last month or so and are looking forward to things getting back to normal soon. I wanted to put my money where my mouth was yesterday... this is how the story relates :)... so even though I have had some yarn in a cart at a huge online retailer that shall remain nameless... I never pulled the trigger knowing that I had a lovely little local about 15 minutes away that needed my money more than XYZ did. The local, Green Planet Yarn, got the same yarn in, and low and behold I was able to buy it and support the business that I don't want to lose from my "town". This relates to our shop story because even though we are an online retailer we are not a huge business and we really do need all of our friends to support us, or we could end up like those other shops. So I bought this gorgeous stuff... in awesome colors:

It has me itching to start a new project... better finish something first. It felt good to support another small business... then we had Starbucks... oh well one thing at a time...

So I thought I might show my pile of knitted stuff... I just started in January this year and this is what I have made so far:

I saw a funny MEME the other day that said "Proud to be Bi-Craftual" I guess that is me... quilting and knitting :)

Hugs Everyone!
9 comments on "What I am making...."
  1. How brave you are! I have to contain my knitting to one project at a time! I lev the term bi-craftual. Finally something to express my twin loves of knits and quilts!

  2. I guess I'm glad I don't knit. Yet.

  3. I cannot knit. I've tried several times and was very frustrated. I feel like a need a third hand, plus the whole left handed thing. So jealous. I love crocheting though!

  4. I love the top!! What pattern is it?

  5. I love your new top! What pattern did you use? Thanks!

  6. "... then we had Starbucks"
    I love it.

  7. Gorgeous makes there!

    My task for the weekend is to write up your pattern, sorry for the delay, but if it's not in your inbox by Sunday night feel free to give me a virtual kick!

  8. So glad you wrote this post AFTER I went to your shop and spent too much on my way to PIQF!! :-P I got some really great things and even a few things I had been looking at on an online store but didn't know that you carried!! Have a great week!! Hugs, H in HEaldsburg

  9. I guess I have to try the "only 3 projects on the sticks rule"...I think I have 5 right now and let's not even count the quilting WIP's. :)

    Gorgeous Madeline Tosh purchases! I love working with this yarn. It seems those projects are always finished faster!


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