Fabric Friday... the evening edition

Friday, October 31, 2014
The day got away from me... I have been working all day but this is the first chance I have had to post....

Color: FULL and Studio Stash Yarn Dyes have arrived from Jennifer Sampou. The yarn dyes are so soft and gorgeous. They would be great for clothes but I am imagining them for backgrounds on quilts... the pictures are a little dark because it is raining WOOHOO! We need the rain!

I couldn't resist those pattern prints and that gorgeous Azalea color. It is one of my new favorites this season.

It is hard to see the print on the yarn dyes in the pictures but the top ones are a tiny grid... and of course there is the Azalea again :)

Also just arrived today is Cottage Garden by The Quilted Fish. This has to be one of my favorite collections that Amanda has done. The birds are so pretty and I think this is a really sophisticated bunch... it surprised me :)

Our winner of the Modern Building Blocks pattern is:

Rosa said...
Fabulous in any fabric and one of my choice would be in a mix of solids and Handcrafted.

Have a great and amazing day in Houston!! c
And our winner of the Doe Charm Pack is:

msbookleaf said...
I'd love to meet Anna Maria Horner. Not just because she's so outrageously talented, but also because I'd like to know how she manages to look so youthful and serene with 7 children! ;)
3 comments on "Fabric Friday... the evening edition"
  1. Such tempting fabrics! Beautiful!

  2. Wow, another fabulous fabrics.Love your eyeing with the fabric combo.

    Congrats to the winners.I`m one of the lucky one.Thanks you so much!!

  3. Those Studio Stash Yarn Dyes are beautiful. I love the subtle grid work on the top four and the line work on the bottom ones. The light grey could be my next go to when choosing a background fabric. Thanks for posting. I'm also swooning over the Azalea; it's gorgeous.


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