A Small Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming...

Tuesday, May 12, 2015
Hi Everyone,

In an attempt to get the shop ready for my absence this weekend (Quilt Market) I have piled way more on my plate than I should have and I am now running around like a chicken with my head cut off. So I shall distract you with pretty pictures and promise many more over the weekend. Especially on the Facebook Page and the IG feed... keep an eye out for all kinds of lovely.

Ex Libris is in and we still have some of those amazing panels (because I was smart and bought two bolts of each) but they are getting thin so hurry if you want them.

We also got some of Anna Maria Horners new yarn dyes called Loominous... unfortunately they did not send a few of the bolts that I ordered but I have to tell you these feel amazing so soft and delicious!

Have a great week and lovely weekend... and see you next week with pictures of my Market Haul :)
4 comments on "A Small Break From Our Regularly Scheduled Programming..."
  1. You always have the best haul. Have a blast Julie - can't wait to see the pictures you are going to share on IG, hint hint...

  2. Wish I was going with, Julie! Have fun!

  3. Saw your newsletter...are you getting the Allison Glass knits?

  4. looks yummy n tempting.. nice blog space to follow..Will be happy if you follow me back... someshop coupon


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