So ... Yah, I have been sewing....

Saturday, May 2, 2015
I know it is hard to believe. I made stuff that didn't involve me wearing it :)

I am in a swap that is inspired by Outlander. The stag is a symbol you see in Scotland often ... specifically Jamie has a stag brooch.

Then what is Scotland without a Thistle?

My partner is a knitter so this is a knitting project bag... the picture is sideways not the bag :) I pieced together all of the fabric for the bag. I love it. I hate paper piecing and the thistle block took as long to make as the pillow and the bag all together.

I also finished this Apron... it was from a class I took but I didn't like the way it fit me so I gave it to my friend :)

And finally my poolside tote... I adore that bag. We have the paper pattern available in the shop if you need it. Sarah Watts is my favorite C+S designer (shhhh don't tell the others) it is a hard choice but she never disappoints me. Love Tokyo Train Ride and that adorable facing from Cookie Book.

Speaking of Sarah Watts... we have bundles of all of the Cotton + Steel fabrics that are coming out up for pre-order. We have bundle pictures of all but one (Paper Bandana).

Here is Sarah's new one Honeymoon based on her Honeymoon in Costa Rica... look Sloths! Can't wait to see it close up :)

And again speaking of Cotton + Steel... I am going to Anna Maria's Studio, Craft South, for this... come with me!!!!! So fun! I am so fortunate to have an awesome hubby who said "Heck yeah, you gotta go!" Or something like that :)

6 comments on "So ... Yah, I have been sewing...."
  1. Hi! Love your stag pillow. And love the stag fabric but don't recognize the fabric's name. Would you help my poor memory out?

  2. Hi Katheryn, I am sorry but you are no reply so I hope you see this. The fabric is Rustique by emily Herrick

  3. Love the thistle! Is there maybe a pattern to buy?

  4. Oh my, Julie, the Workshop Sounds amazing!


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