And now for something completely different...

Wednesday, April 27, 2011
Hi Everyone,

I am safely back from the root canal ordeal yesterday. I am happy to report that I survived. Now the day before Market I have to go and do the second part... goodie :)

I thought I would show you guys my little work space this morning.
Address has been blurred to protect the names of the innocent LOL
Here is a pic of my cutting table with a bunch of orders ready to get wrapped and packaged. We have a tiny house (okay, it isn't European apartment tiny but still) so last year I took over the formal living room as my work room. One wall has huge design wall my husband and I made. My sewing machine is in a tiny corner and my queen size quilting frame takes up the whole middle of the room. Now I have my cutting table next to the window. Hemmed in by the piano and the huge china hutch. The room  is only about 12 x 15 so it is lots of stuff in a tiny space. Under the quilt frame are two small book shelves that hold my personal fabric stash. We have to get rid of the two chairs and couch that are still in there to make room for the new shelving units that are coming for the shop fabric.

A while back I talked about my dolls and asked if you all would mind if I posted about them every once in a while. So as I said "Something completely different"... These dolls are called ABJDs which stands for Asian Ball Jointed Dolls. When I first saw them I thought they were kinda creepy but they grew on me very quickly. I used to sew for them and sell my creations now if I sew for them it is always for my own use.

Here is my latest girl. She reminds me of Scarlett Johannson so I call her SJ:

To give you an idea of size... she is about 2 feet tall.
She wears a wig and her eyes are changeable which make these dolls have infinite possibilities.. one day a redhead the next blond... love that about them. They have joints pretty much everywhere that humans do and can stand on their own... she is standing on her own in high heel boots in this picture.

Okay so is that crazy enough for you?

Back to fabric and sewing next time I promise.

Talk soon,
8 comments on "And now for something completely different..."
  1. I just showed my husband your cutting table and said could I have a mat that size.... he didn't answer me....

    Ouch root canal...hate dentist, good luck.

  2. Now that is a doll. I have never seen these before, they are almost creepy but this one has a gorgeous face. Root canals are the pits!

  3. Glad to hear that your dentist appointment didn't kill you :)
    SJ is really pretty but the thought of changing her eyes kind of freaks me out...
    BTW, love that "european apartment tiny" comment :)

  4. That's a lot of orders to go out! How exciting!

  5. You are so amazing!!! I love how successful you are!

  6. Interesting doll! I have never seen that before! Your house sounds like mine. I have too much stuff in it! LOL

  7. I hope your business venture goes well for you. I have got into the Blythe doll craze. I love their faces and they too have changeable eye colour.

  8. I love the doll! Is this something you will do a tutorial on?


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