Friday Fun Day!

Friday, April 29, 2011
Hi Everyone,

New tutorials over at The Quilted Fish will start a week or two after Quilt Market. Until then Friday Fun Day will be whatever I can come up with... :) Today I thought I would introduce you to one of my favorite tools. A lot of you might use this already but in case you haven't I thought I would tell you about Big Huge Labs. You can play with photos there to make some super fun effects. I am sure you have seen Mosaics like this before. (this is a bunch of stuff from my Flickr faves)

1. plus quilt, 2. Kaléïdoscope sur fond bleu Klein, 3. Violet's Quilt: Front, 4. Liberated Wedding Ring Quilt, 5. Kitchen Quilt 2010, 6. Baby Dylan's HST Quilt, 7. Rubik's Crush quilt, 8. swatch portraits, 9. Purple and Green, 10. Bluebird Love, 11. Quilted Pillow, 12. Pillow Talk Swap 1, 13. back of pillow, 14. pillow front, 15. Flowered Tote bag, 16. Tote bag giveway

If you click the links above it takes you to the artists original picture so you can appreciate them :)

Big Huge Labs has a bunch of fun photo software that you can play around with. Like Jigsaw puzzles, Warhol like posters... go check it out. Then go to Flickr and get some sewing inspiration but don't stay too long because you actually want to get some sewing done :)

This weekend I am making a something for a booth at Market so I can't show it to you (but eventually you will see it). In the mean time I am going to write up a tutorial for you guys on how to make a bag, it is a simple bag but I am going to show you a special technique with it.

See you soon :)
3 comments on "Friday Fun Day!"
  1. Thanks for the tip. I always wondered how people did that!

    Regarding your last post and Sherbet Pips, did you see that Aneela has a new line coming out, Little Apples? It is SO cute!

  2. Geez. I have GOT to get started on mine. I just haven't been able to get going on it yet with everything else going on! Argh!

  3. You must dream up this stuff at night while you sleep!!! Can't wait to see your bag tutorial!


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