I Told You It Was That Season

Thursday, January 5, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Remember back here when I told you it was the season for QALs... well I know you have seen it. It is crazy out there... I am trying not to stick my neck out too far ... too much flying around :) I did commit to one thing though... just one or maybe two...

I am joining the Stash Bee with Sunni at Love Affair With My Brother. Look at Sunni's block... how could I resist I ask you?

What about a block of the month that would be perfect for quilting newbies? Go see Jeni (I just started sponsoring her) and join along in her HST Block of the Month... looks like a kick right?

PS. I love how she uses the Art Gallery Oval Elements fabric in the middle....

Wow oh Wow!!!!! I finally made it to 1001 followers (okay I know I have lots more in google reader and I love you guys too) but it is fun to see that number on the widget isn't it? So let's celebrate... oh wait we are already celebrating... oh, so what! Who says we can't have two parties at once? Put on your party frocks and hats Ladies and Gents... and meet me back here tomorrow :)

Talk to you then :)
26 comments on "I Told You It Was That Season"
  1. Off to get my UK beauty sleep, need to be on form for the party!! Congratulations! x

  2. Yippee Skippee for 1000!!! I keep seeing all of these quilt-a-longs and want to join them all and then remind myself I can't even keep up with what I already have :) Good Times :)

  3. Congrats on getting to a 1000 followers. I just love those tree blocks but I promised myself I wouldn't join anymore a-longs!!

  4. Love the circle tree! Silly ?, are there cutters to make circles? Are they all done basically free hand or by using a cup as a pattern, etc? Thanks! Congrats on 1001!

  5. I'm doing both of those too! I was totally thrown when Sunni asked for a tree block, but I'm totally excited to try it out!

  6. Woohoo, congrats on your 1001! I loved the look of that bee you joined, but I'd signed up for so much already, I actually had to be sensible with myself - booo!

  7. Are you tempting me with QAL's!!! =) Love both the ones you shared...I just don't know that I want to commit to anything...maybe I can sneak over and work on something like that adorable tree if I am free?!?!? =)

    Thanks for sharing...you're always so generous too!

  8. YAy 1000 followers is quite a feat! Love, love, love the amazing tree- thanks for sharing.

  9. Over 1,000 now! CONGRATS!!!

  10. Congratulations Lady Julie, you're a rock star!! What an awesome feeling to know that so many people are sharing this creative endeavor with you♥

  11. Congrats on 1000 peeps, looks like you have got a couple more already! Hugs.

  12. Love both of those blocks. A huge congratulations to you. Wow that is amazing over 1000 followers.

  13. Oh wow 1000? Many Congratulations!

  14. Hoooray!! Congratulations on 1003!!! Thanks for the heads up on the quilt alongs. I am a complete sucker for a good quilt along. They are so much fun.

  15. Congrats Julie! I bet that is an amazing feeling to reach that many people!! (and more!)
    Thanks for sharing about Stash Bee! I am starting Hive #2!

  16. 1000, no 1004 contragulations!!!!

  17. Congratulations on hitting the big huge ginormous follower milestone! There are so many BOM QAL etal that I want to join but my aching back tells me to wait ....

  18. Congrats on 1003 and more to come!

  19. 1005 and counting! I'm off to paint my nails before getting some beauty sleep - must look my best for your party!

  20. Wow. I love the bubble tree. That's awesome.

  21. Year of the quilt alongs, here we go! LOVE that tree block, so pretty! Congrats on breaking 1000! :)

  22. I love reading your blog, it's easy to see why you have 1001 followers! I am a new sew-er and an even newer quilter and I love seeing all the fantastic projects you post on here.

  23. Love the Prince Charming in the block!! I love seeing what other people have done with this line, I can't quite cut into mine just yet. :)


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