A fabric retrospective in bags...

Tuesday, January 31, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Don't ask where I have been... buried under sale fabrics for days and days... I just had to show you this though...

Box Bags

This is pretty much like saying... This is what Julie had in the shop last year....hehe... Sasha made all of these bags and there are only two who's fabric didn't come from my shop... if you can figure out which ones they are leave a comment and I will send you a surprise.

I adore this picture!

Hugs Everyone... I promise I will be back as soon as I can see daylight again!

Edit: Jenelle was the first one to name both bags... The brown with the white  buterflies and the orange... both from Chrysalis... there is also a handle sticking up in blue that down't belong but I didn't see it when I posted. 

Here are the names of the collections:

Prince Charming
Moroccan Mirage
Silent Cinema (for those that guessed the grey one... it was one I had in the shop)
Lola's Posies
Hoo's in the Forest
Kumari Garden

25 comments on "A fabric retrospective in bags..."
  1. i'm guessing the crysalis in the back (orange)?? haha they're great though -- good luck with the sale fabrics and thanks for mine, got it today!

  2. The brown one. They are cute little bags.

  3. I'm thinking at the front second row on the right. Kinda turquoise with a maroon circle and the one next to it :)
    And that is a lot of bags

  4. I'm going to guess the two butterfly-type prints (one in the left front in cream/yellow/pink and one in the right back in cream/blue).

  5. I'm going to guess the gray and the brown ones that are right next to each other...

  6. Just a guess since I haven't been around here long to really know. I'm guessing: the mostly cream one with blue flowers and the second guess: the one with the purple background close to the front with large mum looking flowers.

  7. Let's see... purple and blue one in the middle/back and the white and flower one in the very front. Am I right??

  8. *waves hi* There you are!!! LOL!!! I was thinking the same thing when I was making them LOL!!! Hugs!!! I hope you aren't buried too deep in all that fabric. Thank you for reminding me that I need to look at the sale!!! Must. make. more. bags!!

  9. The orange on the right and the grey one.

  10. Hmmm....the blue on the left and the white one in the front with the gold blue flowers in circles? I think my skills are failing. Can't wait to hear the answer!

  11. Someone may have beaten me to it, but the brown and gray ones that are side by side don't look like your style of fabric.

  12. I'm guessing the blue one to the right of the brown. They all oook fabulous.

  13. I think it's the one in the front second from the right with the yellow dot circle thingies and the orange Chrysalis in the back I don't remember you having because I loved that line and would have purchased it from you.

  14. I know this one has already been said, but I am almost 100% sure it's the two chrysalis prints: one the right (orange with butterflies) and one on the left (brown with butterflies). Thanks for the fun guessing game! :)

  15. The first one on the bottom left....and the third one on the bottom from the left

  16. The Chrysalis fabrics - the brown one in the back with the white butterflies, and the orange in the top right corner.

  17. My guess is front row, bottom right and two up from that one, 2nd from the right.

  18. The orange one on the right and the butterfly one with black background? I hope so.

  19. I'll guess the teal (turquoise?) smaller print on the far right side, and the gray and white print (left side).

  20. The bags are amazing! Hope all is going well with the new website! Can't wait to see it :)

  21. Haven't got a clue but will have a guess, the blue one that you can only see the handle of behind the yellow and the black and white one next to it (the blue one again)...can you understand that? ROFL. x

  22. All those bags (and fabrics too) are so cute!



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