New Art Gallery Basics and A Birthday

Wednesday, January 11, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I got a box of yummy yesterday... I decided to do a Color Of The Year bundle in Tangerine with a few of the Impressions prints and a bunch of the Art Gallery Basics... I think I love it!

I didn't just get these gorgeous oranges... I also got a bunch of the solids in ...go check it out here.

Today is my baby's 14th birthday... where has the time gone? She is gonna kill me for this :)

Today we are going to the same place we went on that day, Monterey, her favorite place on Earth.
See ya tomorrow :)
34 comments on "New Art Gallery Basics and A Birthday"
  1. I hope she has a wonderful birthday. Enjoy yourselves in Monterey!
    Those oranges are beautiful.

  2. she looks like her mama! Please tell her Happy 14th birthday and have fun in Monterey.

  3. That tangerine is yummy!!!!

    Happy birthday to your baby! The years do fly by so quickly.

  4. Happy Birthday to your daughter!
    I love the tangerine!

  5. Happy Birthday! That's a Mum's job isn't embarrass their children!!! Hugs

  6. Awwww....Happy Birthday to your baby! :)

    Yes, Love this bundle too!

  7. Oh I miss Monterey and California. I'm a native Californian who ended up in Canada and miss my home state very much. Happy Birthday to your "little one." Have fun!

    I love the fabric btw! ;)

  8. What a cute photo! Today is my daughter's 6th birthday. Happy birthday to them both!

  9. Happy birthday to the girlie! I hope y'all have wonderful day!

  10. happy birthday to her and cool bundle- even though I don't like orange, i'm warming up to these tangerine bundles I've seen now

  11. Happy 14th Birthday to her and what a cute pic! Love, love that orange bundle! I am so glad orange is the big color this year.

  12. Lovin the fabric and your baby is cute! I hope she has a great birthday!

  13. Happy birthday to your daughter. Aren't teenage years fun? My son turned 14 last October and daughter will be 16 in April. I'd love to visit Monterey again someday.

  14. Happy Birthday, daughters are so fun. Your making me picture is making me remember my baby as a baby. This is one of the first places I took here after she was born. I spent so much time on that beach when I was in high school.

  15. I have a 14 year old granddaughter! I'm not quite sure of the oranges - maybe they would grow on me. Anna

  16. Happy birthday young lady! It's amazing how quickly time flies :)

  17. Happy Birthday to your now grown up girl. I hope she has a wonderful birthday.

    I love the fabrics that you have chosen. Reminds me of sunshine.

  18. Hope she has a great birthday! Have fun!

  19. Happy Birthday to your baby! I hope she has a great day.

  20. Happy Birthday wishes being sent your daughter's way x

  21. Birthday wishes! And I love that tangerine bundle!

  22. Oh I'm sure she'll want to hurt you for that picture. LOL Maybe she'll forgive you after the fun day you have planned though.

    Happy Birthday to her from another January birthday girl.

  23. Happy Birthday to your girl. I LOVE Monterey, haven't been there in ages.

  24. Happy Birthday to your daughter!! Time does fly by too quickly. Enjoy your time together and hope you both had a Great day!

    Beautiful fabric! Orange is one of my new loves. hehe

  25. Happy Birthday to your teenager.
    I'm warming up (slowly) to Tangerine. Love your bundle!

  26. Happy Birthday to your daughter!!! That bundle is adorable! It makes me think of summer!!

  27. Happy Birthday to your daughter and congratulations on 14 beautiful years with your baby.

  28. Lovely fabric! Hope your daughter had a fabulous birthday!

  29. Love that stack of orange. Hope you're still around to enjoy it after posting that second pic ;o)

  30. Happy Birthday Erin! I hope she had a fabulous day and that you did too! Love the tangerine by the way!

  31. Awesome tangerine bundle!

    I hope your daughter had a fantastic birthday! It's scary how quickly they grow, and such fun too :)

  32. Awesome! Love the photo of your little girl back when...


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