My First Swoon Block

Tuesday, January 17, 2012
Hi Everyone,

As promised I am back with my first Swoon block... I finished it yesterday morning. I decided to just cut one and make it since I am deviating from the pattern and making no waste flying geese to save fabric. I wanted to make sure my calculations were correct before cutting the whole quilt. If I calculated correctly it will save me about a yard and a half of white fabric... and that is pretty good :) I am using the Art Gallery Pure Elements White Linen for the background and I am so in love with it.

Moraccan Mirage Oasis Screen in Rust, Pure Elements in Ash, Pure Elements in White Linen

I am enjoying seeing everyone's blocks showing up over in the flickr pool for the Swoon-Along.

Have a lovely Tuesday!
34 comments on "My First Swoon Block"
  1. Gorgeous!!!!! I love it Julie!!!!

  2. This looks great! And go you for saving fabric! I've been sewing all my little Swoon cut off pieces together, no idea what to do with them though :)

  3. I love the colors and fabric you have chosen. The red/rust pattern is beautiful.

  4. Those fabrics are making up beautifully.

  5. It's gorgeous! The rust/gray/white color combo is stunning. Please keep posting your blocks! :)

  6. Oh! I just love it! I want to make a Swoon quilt so bad! Maybe when things calm down a bit...

  7. Great swoon block! I finished mine yesterday too!

  8. Beautiful! I want to Swoon soon! ;-) Gonna do some researching on the "no waste flying geese"-- it sound familiar, but I can't remember exactly how to do it...

  9. Very pretty! I don't think I've seen a close up of this block yet, but's deceptively simple isn't it? I never would have guessed looking at the amazing quilts made with this pattern.

  10. very pretty. Love the colour choice

  11. I too am going to make the no waste flying geese in mine. Should be starting it this week. All fabric is sitting and waiting to start.

  12. Lovely block, Looks like you enjoyed it. The grey just helps the orange to sing!

  13. Wow it looks great...mmmm linen...Could be an option

  14. So pretty! Can you share a link or info on the no waste flying geese? It is amazing you would save that much fabric!

  15. That's one gorgeous block Julie! I love it. I just might have to jump on the Swoon bandwagon myself.

  16. Julie, it is Ab.So.Lute.Ly GORGEOUS!

    I love it!

  17. Very the color combo

  18. It is a gorgeous block. Having not seen the pattern, I'm not sure I understand the deviation from it but it makes sense.

  19. Pretty! How does one make a no waste flying goose though?

  20. Ah - love Moroccan Mirage! Looking forward to doing this qal with you!

  21. Stunning work! This makes me want to unpack my sewing machine and get sewing again!

  22. What a neat block and the fabrics are perfect!

  23. looks stunning! I must have a look at the "no waste flying geese" method before I do the rest of my swoon blocks.

  24. Wow, that's a big savings on fabric! I'll have to look into that when I start mine which I hope will be soon. Would you share your method?

  25. Love it!! I'm off to google 'no waste flying geese' :)
    Were you happy with your calculations?


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