I lost my Mojo...

Thursday, May 3, 2012
can you help me find it?

Do you ever have one of those weeks when you just can't seem to get it together and want to sit around and read trashy romance novels rather than do you work? I am having one of those... not that I am sitting around reading trashy romance novels... but I would if I could... or more likely Urban Fantasy which is my latest reading faze. Two weeks until Quilt Market and I am so not ready to go. I know I will get over this soon... but in the mean time... I made this pretty Mosaic from some pictures of Rhapsodia that Art Gallery sent me... it will be our giveaway this week so keep your eyes peeled...

This is the Dream Voyage colorway of Rhapsodia... ooohhh pretty :) Rhapsodia will be in the shop tomorrow afternoon... If you are wanting Summersville I am down to the last Complete Fat Quarter Bundle so get it while you can.
23 comments on "I lost my Mojo..."
  1. Buck up, Buttercup. It'll get better and you'll have a great time at Market.

  2. Take a deep breath and things will get better. That fabric is gorgeous and so out of my comfort zone. I might need to snatch some up and make something flowery and lovely.

  3. It's hard. I know, even though you're surrounded by such lovely fabrics... You've been working hard, chickie! Can you take some time to go outside and get some fresh air? Do something totally unrelated for a while?

  4. This last week was one of those weeks for me too. I have a quilt top to finish for my husband and it would take 2 hours if I just sat down to do it. No I watched 4 movies instead (trashy romance ones lol).

  5. don't worry it will come back... but reading a romance novel is not bad..maybe will help you deconnect and find back your mojo!

  6. What urban fantasy??? That's my favorite. You and I need to compare notes/book lists on Saturday.

  7. Love the "top" in the center. Which pattern is that? Love the fabric too but you knew that.

  8. Sometimes your plane has to travel awhile on the taxiway before it can take off from the runway.....

    Don't ask me how I came up with that example,,just somethng different to think about....

    You'll be fine...

  9. I go through that a lot lately, lol.
    Sometimes we need to step back and do something else for the day, a change of pace and scenery and it all comes back to us.


  10. Oh Julie, you sound a bit burned out and need a break! Wish I lived close enough to help give u one! I would welcome a chance to cut some lovely new fabrics while you put your feet up and read, or just twiddle your thumbs!! Can you take a day off somehow? You have THE FASTEST shipping of anywhere I have EVER ordered and I am sure no one will notice a one day difference (it would still arrive before any other store's shipping). I'll be praying your day gets better!. Ps. I have no idea why I couldn't sign into my google account...

  11. Sending mojo vibes all the way from N.Africa - I know the feeling and it will return. Chin up chuck!

  12. Yup, my mojo wandered off on Tuesday, not just for sewing, but for cooking, and doing anything much really! I ended up just wandering round with a friend after work tonight and going out to dinner on a whim!

  13. this may help with your mojo. Look for quilt contests. They usually have a few simple rules to follow. This will get your juices flowing. For instance, the QuiltCon block challenge. In this contest, you must use their logo colors, seamed piecing only(no applique or embellishments). that's all, jsut a few rules. I have a killer idea for this contest. Just have to find the time. And, if you're not planning on really entering, and the ideas really start to flow, give yourself permission to break those rules! Hope it helps!

  14. I'm sending some mojo your way. Hope it works.

  15. Yes, I know exactly what you mean! I'm in the midst of it right now. Yesterday i said to myself "I will do this for one hour and that's it" and I did. It worked to give myself a time limit because I went a little over to finish up the part I was on. And then I felt like I accomplished something. Which helps to get the mojo going again....

  16. Find that mojo, cause we are going to P.A.R.T.Y. in less than 2 weeks!!!

  17. Oh no, I hope you find it soon! We love you, Julie!!

  18. I'd rather read trashy romance novels then anything else most days!!

  19. Bet you find your mojo at market. ;)

    Love that mosaic! Just watched two Art Gallery videos and wish they would tell the pattern for that tunic (in your mosaic) and a lovely skirt in the Poetica video. sigh...

  20. I've lost my mojo too... I did sew today! Hope next week I can sew more

  21. Um, yeah.... I feel like that all the time. All. The. Time.


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