Lucy's Crab Shack is here

Thursday, May 24, 2012
Hi Everyone,

I can't walk in my entryway again... eep... but look at the cuteness! You can get some here.

PS if you are one of the few that can't see the website everything is now on Etsy except this one and I will have it up tomorrow. Thank heaven for a computer literate 14 yr old intern... AKA my daughter.
10 comments on "Lucy's Crab Shack is here"
  1. It's sooo cool and cute and fun and sporty - I love it so much!!


  2. You must stop this; too much to choose from, too little money ;>)

  3. LOVE IT ALL!! No time, no money, but I want it!!!

  4. It's so cute! With all these new lines coming out I need to win the lottery! I want them all!

  5. Lovely fabric as always! I lo e getting help from those kinda interns

  6. Oh I heart this - need to see how little I can spend on Retreat weekend, then I am on a spend up xxx

  7. Wow - these projects are super-cute!! How did I not see this book before? Would love to win it, but if I don't, it will be mine through some retail therapy :)
    Love your blog, and your store! My first purchase from you was not only delivered as fast as possible but with such personal touch - amazing! Thank you!

  8. I will be getting me some of this!


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