Wednesday Wonder with Anna Maria Horner

Wednesday, May 23, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Are you tired of me yet? Just to prove I am reading your comments on Fridays giveaway here is a picture of the feather quilt by Anna Maria Horner one of you said you wanted to see it :)

 I have to admit when I bought the collection I was a little worried about the cheetah print but after seeing how truly nuetral it becomes when paired with the other fabrics I am kind of loving it now.

 Here is AMH and my sweet roomie Adrianne. Thanks again Adrianne for keeping me together :) You are the best!

AMH's booth she won a ribbon for it :)

 More of the booth. I wish I would have gotten a close up for the little purse in the upper left corner. The main outside fabric is the cheetah print with one of the florals for a ruffle and it is adorable.

I loved this dress too ...

Tomorrow is my 500th blog post... eep! What shall we do? You will have to come back to find out :)
14 comments on "Wednesday Wonder with Anna Maria Horner"
  1. I'm loving all of your pictures from Market!! Anna Maria's booth is AMAZING!!! Oh my gosh...that dress is beautiful. I wish I were brave enough to try to make myself a dress!!!

  2. I could never be tired of you. I always want more. Your pics make me feel as if I were there.

  3. Wonderful pics, as usual! Thanks for sharing it all! And congrats for # 500 on the horizon!

  4. Thanks for the pics from market,especially AMH booth. This is next best thing to being there.

  5. LOVE AMH! Thanks for sharing the pictures!

  6. I was just saying "I love that dress" as I scrolled down to you loving that dress. :) Nice pics.

  7. The feather quilt is cool!Thanks for sharing!

    sowingstitches [at] yahoo [dot] com

  8. those booths are just amazing. so much creativity.

  9. Thanks for sharing your photos.I`m not tired of them.The dress is just beautiful!!

  10. Love all the up close and personal photos. :D

    EEEEK - almost 500 posts!?!

  11. Not tired at all! Hope to read and see more.
    The picture of Adriane and Anna Maria Horner is just SO great - wow - really, I don't really care about stars and autographs, but a picture of me and Anna Maria Horner or Amy Butler - I would go to have it framed :-)



    PS Hope you have one of you and AMH too!

  12. What a clever feather quilt. Fun pattern and scrappy too! That dress is lovely! Looks like everyone had a lot of fun at market.


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