Tuesday, May 22, 2012

Tuesday Time...

Hi Everyone,

More pic spam and some new stuff in the shop...

Miss Tula Pink with a glimpse of The Birds and Bees in the background
Then some Nightshade quilts from her booth:

 Wish I could show you the quilting on this one close up.

Miss Valori in her booth with Cocoon

Lucy's Crab Shack Fat Quarter Bundles are here. There are only a few but there will be more posted after the yardage comes in. There are also Vintage Modern Charm packs back.

See ya tomorrow with another drive by spam attack :)


  1. Love how they used the portraits in the quilts, fun idea for it. Lots of wonderful things at market this year and have enjoyed seeing the booths.


  2. I love the the butterfly kites..so divine.

  3. Love the Tula Pink booth! Seeing both sides is just so much fun :) and I am so gaga for Cocoon.


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