An Exciting Announcment...QAL with traceyjay

Wednesday, September 12, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Here is a little something that has been in the works for the last month or two. One of my sweet friends (who you might know from Moda Bake Shop fame) has designed this super sweet quilt called Treasure Boxes.... wait let me start at the beginning... I have been a fan of Tracey's for a few years now and when she decided to start an Etsy shop to benefit a Mission in Haiti called Heartline (if you have been around a while here you have heard me talk about it) she and I partnered up. We had a little hiccup (happily) when she got pregnant with her daughter and had to let this go for a little while but we are getting it back on track. As you know I support Heartline every month with profits from the shop and that is what made me decide to start the shop in the first place.... fast forward to a month or so ago when Tracey asked if I would like to partner with her to do a Quilt Along to benefit charity... well, of course! So was born the Treasure Boxes Quilt Along:

Treasure Boxes Quilt Along button

Here is a picture of one of the quilts she has made with this pattern:

pink baby quilt

And for this quilt along she will be making it from Out to Sea if you decide to join the Quilt Along there is a special deal for the fabrics to make it. I will let you read about it over here on Tracey's blog

I hope you decide to join us!

In other news Sew Stitchy from Aneela Hoey is in the shop (I will get IRL pictures this afternoon) this is my favorite print (I think) so far:

I also bought all of the Bella Solids that match to make it easy for you to dream up your perfect quilt with this.

I have all of the Riley Blake Small Chevrons in and most of the Medium ... for some reason they didn't send me the red and white... Argh.  And Avignon should be in soon as well.

Have an awesome Wednesday!

Talk soon...
13 comments on "An Exciting Announcment...QAL with traceyjay "
  1. Beautiful quilt and wonderful cause. I didn't see a link to the etsy shop, would like to see more about it.


  2. Beautiful quilt. Heading over now to read more!

  3. Skawheel (squeal longified). I will definitely join up!

  4. OOH I love Sew stitchy. Also that QAL is so pretty I will have to see if I can follow it after the fact after our move.

  5. Such a cute quilt pattern, and I can only imagine what it would look like with out to sea. I'm excited for the new fabrics coming in... do you know when Rock n' Romance will be in? I'm in love with that line and can't wait!

  6. This quilt is fabulous and love the pattern!

  7. Such a pretty quilt and for a wonderful cause!! You guys are awesome!!!

  8. thanks Julie --
    I just put a link to Quilt Hope In on my blog, so people can email me if they have something to list. :)

  9. Cool pattern, Julie. I will see if I can find the time! Do we have to do it in that fabric, or can I use stash? I need to go read her blog post.

    Is Avignon Amanda's fabric?

  10. Great idea and a beautiful quilt too. I'm not promising anything but will follow along to see what I can get done. WAY too much going on in my house since it's not just hubby and myself right now.

  11. I'm going to try my hardest to be in!!!


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