Saturday, September 15, 2012

oops... Just sent out the Newsletter with a mistake

You see I send it to my self and test all of the links... but the subject just says Test... then when I sent it out to you all the Subject said August Newsletter... it should obviously have been September Newsletter... I think someone is tired and needs to back away from the computer now.... :)

Talk soon!


  1. Nothing more wrong with you than me! I never noticed it said August! lol

    Get some rest! :)

  2. I think August sounds better anyway. ;)

  3. I didn't notice either! LOL. Wishful thinking.....

  4. I didn't notice either! We all probably would have been happily oblivious if we never knew :)

  5. Thanks for telling us cause I deleted it from my inbox. I have just had my computer rebuilt due to a nasty virus and so i wasnt going to take any chances on another. Oh well...=)


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