Friday Fun Day, The Giveaway and Colors...

Friday, September 7, 2012
Hi Everyone,

No, I did not, in fact, get burried in an avelanche of fabric (it was a close thing though). I had so many orders last weekend that it took me until Thursday afternoon to get them all out. Crazy!

Here is what we are giving away today:


Head on over to Echinops and Aster to win a little of this.

Yesterday ... as I was searching for color inspiration in stock photos... providence (and my email) brought me the Pantone Color Forecast for Spring 2013... I know some of you said you don't like the Pantone colors but I gotta tell you these ones are gonna knock your socks off... I mean there is nothing not to love here.

I decided to show them in fabrics of course:


Rhapsodia Temple Tiles in Maya
Pure Elements Emerald

Greyed Jade

Indie Artist Kisses in Mint

Pure Elements Tender Green
 Dusk Blue

Ovel Elements in Vintage Blue

Moda Bella Solid in Mist
Tender Shoots

Pagoda Lullaby Gateway in Celery

Pure Elements in Light Citron
 Lemon Zest

Pretty Little Things Madeleine in Yellow

Moda Bella Solids in Yellow
African Violet

Oval Elements in Amethyst

Pure Elements in Mauvelous

Nursery Versery Country Mice in Yellow

Moda Bella Solid in Snow
Monaco Blue

Seven Wonders (coming soon)

Moda Bella Solid in Admiral
 Poppy Red

Oh Deer Tiny Deer in Cherry

Moda Bella Solid in Betty's Red


Madrona Road Wild Carrot in Tangerine

Pure Elements in Apricot Creme
18 comments on "Friday Fun Day, The Giveaway and Colors..."
  1. -next years colors are absolutely gorgeous, thanks for sharing.
    Liebe Grüße
    I like to QuiltBlog

  2. Wow - do I love that emerald...too pretty.

  3. I've been watching the Pantone color predictions for years. My experience is that a few people like them, but a lot of other people have a whooooole lot of trouble envisioning most of them in their own homes.
    What I've learned is the importance of being true to ourselves (making things in the colors that make our hearts sing)and not paying a whole lot of attention to what Pantone or trendsetters suggest. In fact, I think the popularity of white on white decorating may well be due to the fact that the predicted colors don't make our hearts sing. At the same time, I recognize that those who are marketing new things want the older things to be obsolete and do let the predictions guide them as they manufacture their products.
    That said, it's nice of you to show real fabrics in these colors.

  4. the colors and matching prints are fantastic! love them muchly!

  5. I like to see what others do with the Pantone colors of the, decorating and quilting.

  6. I rather like that pantone collection, and what you pulled to match it!

  7. Love the new colors :) I just received an order from you yesterday - it was shipped so fast and now I can use it this weekend for a new quilt....thanks!!

  8. Love the colors, especially the yellows, which I have recently fallen in love with! I may never able to wear it but I definitely want more of it in my home :)

  9. I have to say I love the colors you have shown here Julie!!

  10. What beautiful fabric. I'd love to win this for my group, World of Charity Stitching.

  11. I can't choose! Bella is just too awesome!

    slhightower5 at yahoo dot com

  12. I follow you via email.
    slhightower5 at yahoo dot com

  13. Ha, I still don't like the colors overall even if I like some of your fabric choices ;) Really that just means I will be making my own clothes this fall instead of going to Macy's I guess!

  14. I am not crazy about the colors either, however I so love how you matched them up.


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