Happy Monday

Monday, September 24, 2012
Hi Everyone,

Please, tell me about your adventures over the weekend! I was stuck in front of the computer. I updated the Coming Soon page with Octobers items and did general maintenance on the shop. I lowered prices on La Dee Da, The Birds and the Bees and a few other things. Here is a little sneaky of some of the things coming next month...

Simply Color by Vanessa Christenson of V and Co.

Handle with Care by Suzy Ultman

Cuzco by Kate Spain

Cosmos by Laura Gunn

I would love to hear about your sewing plans... then I can dream of a time when I can sew again LOL

Have a super Monday!
24 comments on "Happy Monday"
  1. Hoping to design a new project with some of your wonderful fabric!! Have an awesome day sweet friend....see you soon!!!

  2. I spent most of my weekend in the car!! boo
    And I spent a whole 30 minutes sewing yesterday. I am excited for Cuzco and Simply Color!

  3. I got all of my bee stuff done this weekend, next on the list is a baby blanket and crib skirt for a friend.

  4. I spent 6 hours Saturday in the car coming home from holiday in Brittany and I spent Sunday putting washing in and then hanging it out to dry!!! Such a fun weekend LOL......today I am doing a little bit of Christmas stitching as I am now starting to panic how quickly it is coming around again!! Hugs

  5. I accomplish nothing this weekend other than hanging out with my Bee girls, being on the computer answering blogs and reading blogs, and Sunday I was at church 2 hours too long (not complaining) You should always give time to your spiritual wellbeing. But I never got to the sewing room. I like the new fabric line, the colors are great.

  6. Quilt shop on Friday, Joann fabric on Saturday and a Quilt show on Sunday. Now it is time to do some serious sewing but just can't seem to get into it.

  7. I blogged, a little, stitched, a bit, went to the movies, End of Watch, it was great. Worked my last shift at B&N, I'm officially retired! Life is good.

  8. A week ago I agreed to complete a shop sample for a LQS and need to have it done NLT this Saturday 9/29. I've been very busy burning the candle at both ends trying to get it done on time and still sleep so I can go to work during the day. It's looking like I might just make it in time!

  9. If you need someone to help you sew some samples, you know where I am. I completed a quilt and attended my sons wedding and we had the sweetest Dance..

  10. Over the weekend- I catered tea for 70, at a day of dance! Have a look at the blog!

    Your tutorial is started, but other things keep getting in my way! I will get it out for you, promise!

  11. I didn't have a very adventurous weekend, but I have started on a new project te Straight Stitch Society feed the animals coin purses. And I'm psyching myself up for husband going off on a jolly to San Francisco (from the UK) and leaving me home alone with 3 children!

  12. I'm making a quilt with Cosmos right now that Laura's going to take to Market! (I'm so excited)...
    Are you going? You can see it for me! :)

  13. Loving the purples in Cuzco! I actually got to sew a little this weekend. I made a clutch from some Cocoon fabric I bought a while ago. It was my first attempt at a zipper too so I was excited! Hope you get to do some sewing soon. I am looking forward to the end of the month so I can stock up on some new pretty fabric!

  14. I actually went to a quilt show at the air museum. It was lots of fun! However, I do have to say that I did NOT have fun with the Apple update on my ipad. I spent last night and some time this morning trying to get my email to work. Maybe I'll get to sew sometime this week. I hope. Maybe i'll settle for getting to pin something.

  15. Saturday hubby and I worked in the shop (aka place for storing lots of junk) and went through boxes and boxes of 'stuff'. We were so dusty and dirty. We hauled a trailer load to the dump. Sunday was for church and the fall church picnic at city beach. No sewing this weekend. :S
    I hope to sew TODAY though!

  16. I have 2 sewing things on my list to start this week. One is to start the muslin for my Couture Dress from the Craftsy course, the other is my Kiss Kiss quilt for my eldest son, just waiting on his dragon fabric to arrive and then I can get started cutting!

  17. Hmm, let's see, this weekend I cleaned my gran's garage out, and made 2 peasant dresses, although I sewed at least 1 bit completely wrong in each and I was using an overlocker, so it took forever to unpick o.O Don't dream of doing that ;o)

  18. Finally finished Ditto. Now off to Wonton. Making a little quilt with Elenor Burns' new ruler. Quite cute. Watched a lot of NCIS. I need more fabric. Hint, hint!

  19. Nooooo, don't tempt me with Birds and the Bees!! I'm trying to be good!! I'll just go stroke my prerelease layer cakes of Cuzco and Simply Color and get back to my SC project...

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. This last weekend? We were in PA for my husband's grandfather's funeral, which was on Sat. Then we piled back into the car for a 22 hour road trip home. *sigh* While it was good to see family again, I am so very TIRED!

    I tell you what, I am LOVING that Simply Color line! I just think I may have to get me some!! After this last weekend, I think I deserve it. :)

  22. we went camping with the grandbaby. It was nice :)

  23. I played with my ducks! LOL (I really did...) Love the new fabrics!

  24. I sewed two pillow cases for the Remember September project (making handmade goods for deployed servicemen). And I drooled over all the gorgeous fabrics you've got at such good prices. I need more fabric, right? Oh, good, you agree :)


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