I am so out of it... and more things you didn't know about me.

Thursday, October 6, 2011
Hi Everyone,

First check out what Adrianne made from the mini charms Kate sent her:

There is a link to the tutorial on her blog. I want one for market... so now I know what to do with my little charm pack.

I am so out of it. It has been a crazy busy week here. By the way if you were waiting for some reason to buy Terrain from me... Terrain has officially left the building. I literally have nothing but fat quarters and about 7 yards on various bolts left... gone like a freight train, gone like yesterday! (Yes, I am a country music fan.) So I just read my blog roll for the first time since Monday :) I hate it when I have no time for fun! I am hoping to remedy that this weekend.  I hope to have something fun to show you finished on Monday :)

My "Nerd" pendant on my iPad :)

Here is something you didn't know about me. I am a Geek... Nerd... totally true. I was a network and systems administrator before I decided to stay home to home school my daughter. I lasted as an aimless wanderer for all of a year before I started the business. I guess I crave stress :) Where I worked I administered both PCs and MACs. Though I tried to stay true to my PC roots there are a lot of attractive things about MACs. I came to truly appreciate them... living where I do (practically next door to Apple, Ebay, Google, Cisco...etc) it is really hard not to be effected by such a sad loss as we had yesterday. So I hope you forgive me for taking you away from the fun craftiness for a moment.

See you tomorrow!
17 comments on "I am so out of it... and more things you didn't know about me."
  1. Oh that is such a cute idea! I love the lanyard....so much cuter than the ones they give you at work lol!!!

    And from one ex-geek to another....you really never stop being a geek even when your job title changes! Steve Jobs will be missed. He truly was a genius!!

  2. Her lanyard is great! I still just stare in awe at my mini charm pack. :) I'm thinking of a small table runner or something along those lines.

    Love your nerd pendant!

  3. I am so glad I got my stash of Terrain! Thanks again.

  4. Very cute lanyard.

    I am Mac through and through, even more so than I had realised until today xxx

  5. Julie - do you use a particular curriculum for your daughter? We've considered homeschooling and will continue to keep it on the table as our kiddos get older.

    We are nerds too - and we wear that title proudly! While we are largely a PC family (we never drank the Apple Koolaid) you can't help but appreciate and admire what Steve Jobs did for technology and getting it into the hands of people, for media and advertising and marketing in general.

    So glad I got my little taste of Terrain in!

  6. I am soooo glad I ordered my Terrain early! So Miss Nerd, do you have any advice for those of us who are finding that our comments on some blogs just will not post? It happens usually on blogs where the comment box is right on the page and there is no word verification, although sometimes it happens even when there is word verification. One writes a nice long comment then clicks on the publish button and the comment just disappears, never to be seen again.

  7. I just found your blog and I love it. I am now a follower and look forward to more posts.

  8. Just found your blog, and I can tell it's going to be a dangerous place to visit! Beautiful fabrics

  9. Fun stuff...stopping by from Melissa's nudge. Love that Rondezvous fabric!! Thanks for the link on the lanyard too!

  10. Oh my gosh, now I uderstand why I like you so much Julie and get along with you so well. I was a potential geek although never finished the college courses I had started much later in life. I met my brand new and much improved hubby and decided he was more fun than college classes at the age of over 40 yrs. :) And he was and still is an even bigger geek than I was considering I was just training although had the skills to kick a lot of other people's butts in the knowldge dept on computers but HE .....he had been working on computers for 20 yrs already.

    Anyway, just stopped over to say hey from Mellisa's. :)

  11. Hey :D I like that bird so cute!

  12. Visiting from Melissa's blog! Liking what I see here :) will have to stroll around some more.


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