Still No Bunting Pictures But... Lark Is Coming

Tuesday, October 11, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Well it rained cats and dogs yesterday so there are no pictures of the bunting still... maybe tomorrow. Instead we get to look at Lark!

Which is ultimately better don't you think? Honestly I can't choose which one I like better. I love blue but those gorgeous greens and the cinder color are so awesome... le sigh! It will be here soon maybe even before the end of the week... we shall see :)
25 comments on "Still No Bunting Pictures But... Lark Is Coming"
  1. Gorgeous fabrics! It's funny, I read your title as "Still no burning pictures..." It took me a moment to figure out you were taking about bunting, not flames! ;)

  2. I'm a "Dreamer"!!! They are wonderful fabric designs!

  3. I'm loving Dreamer. Can't wait!

  4. beautiful fabric! love that cinder color and looking forward to seeing the bunting.

  5. Oh swoon! Dreamer for me - there`s not one I wouldn`t love to use. Can`t wait!!

  6. Oh my word, I can't wait to see this fabric in person! The ikat just makes me swoon and I just love the bright and happy colors. Amy hit the nail on the head with this one! I'm thinking this will be perfect to sew with this winter when the world needs a little color.

  7. Soooo pretty. I like both - and I giggled at "le sigh." :)

  8. Very difficult to choose between them!

  9. I'm building a 3rd colorstory from both of those!! I can't choose!

  10. You may say I'm a DREAMER, but I'm not the only one....
    Old Beatles - John Lennon - Imagine

    But I do LOVE the Dreamer colorway.


  11. I'm picking out favourites from both colourways! Does that mean I'll need to have them both? I think so.

  12. I also like both and I pick one from both.

  13. well, if I have a choice of just ONE of them I would choose the dreamer one #2 shown, I'm a sucker for blues too :-)

  14. Dreamer, without a doubt- I like the colors in Glamour, but the blues are too good to pass up!

  15. Hi, just popped over from Sew Bittersweet to say "hi." I'm definitely swooning over that second set -- fabulous blues!

  16. I'm another who prefers the Dreamer colourway, more vibrant than the top one.

  17. I have yet to decide on a favorite print in the Lark line. Must keep looking it over.

  18. I think I am a Glamour gal, which is unusual for me. But I am most definitely in love with all of it!

  19. Hi i love both colourways,lovely range and you have a lovely site.

  20. Hi! Amy Butler's Lark fabric is truly a lovely rich-looking collection. My eyes have been enjoying 'Dreamer'colors.

  21. What beautiful fabrics! I love the second group with the blues the best.

  22. Well I think I'm a Dreamer but I could step out of my box and get some Glamour. Also I'm a follower of yours but I'm stopping by to say Hi, give some comment love from Sew Bitter Sweet Designs.

  23. I'm all about the dreamer - blues just call my name and I am drawn to them!


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