Friday Fun Day, Another Giveaway, and I Made The Press

Saturday, November 26, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Sweet Rebecca over at Our Busy Little Bunch is hosting our giveaway today yesterday (oops I was so buried in orders I forgot to post yesterday) So go get some of this:

Also the Lizzy B girls have ther latest issue of Dream Laugh Create out and my project is in there... they used my old blog name though, Sew Jewely, but it is me I promise. Lots of fun projects so go check it out:

4 comments on "Friday Fun Day, Another Giveaway, and I Made The Press"
  1. wow! There is alot of fun stuff in that issue =D Thank you for sharing it with us Julie =D

    That is my favorite colorway of Pear Tree. I love love love it!!!!!!!

  2. Thanks for the link - there's lots to look at in that issue and I love your project!

  3. How cool! You've been published!

  4. That is such a cool online magazine! I've never seen it before :) Love the jingles!


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