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Thursday, November 3, 2011
Hi Everyone,

Here is my second post about Market... tomorrow you get to see what I picked up at Sample Spree... The people are the most important part though right? So without further ado... here are some of the people we rubbed shoulders with: (excuse the photo quality they were all taken on my cell phone)

Sally and Brooke at the Airport. I came in a little earlier than Brooke so Sally and I were there waiting ... we screamed her name as she came toward baggage claim LOL

Candice- one of our besties from The Quilted Fish's creative consultant team... waiting in line for Sample Spree
In Sample Spree with Amanda Herring (The Quilted Fish)
Ack look at my hair...oy I hate having my picture taken... I love Kate Spain though ... sweetest girl ever.
I was bending down... she liked that... Mistress Hoey is so adorable. I couldn't believe she remembered me :)
Sally and Khristian A. Howell she is so sweet and wait til you see what she has coming for spring it will knock your socks off.
Sally and Natalie of Cinderberry Stitches she is adorable and now when I read her blog it is in her cute accent :)
Sally and Lynette Anderson I have a story about her read below. 
Everyone was wonderful I hate having my picture taken... and why oh why did I wear something like that on the first day of the show??? I am so stupid... okay enough...

Poor Lynette Anderson and her husband were on my flight from Houston to DFW it was an hour late and they missed their flight home (so did I) it was much worse for them than any of the rest of us. They live in Australia and Qantas has been on strike for a few weeks. So all  of the passengers have been backed up trying to get home. The last I saw them the ticket agent was saying the first flight out was next Sunday (6 days) Lynette's husband was going to miss a lot of work it was really really bad. So here is praying that they got home sooner.

Okay ... back tommorrow with my haul from Sample Spree... hope you are having a wonderful week.

Talk soon!
14 comments on "Market - The People"
  1. Ohhhhhh Poor Lynette! We should have given her my phone # for a free place to stay!! (I'm sure they found a quicker flight! Yikes!) love your pics, girlie...and thank goodness I was having a good hair week! Bwahahaha! Love ya!

  2. Your pictures are great! And I think you look beautiful!! Your face is beaming :-) Believe me, you will look back 10 years from now and think "man, I looked pretty good there".

  3. Oh I can tell you girls had the best time!!! Look at those smiles!!! Thanks so much for taking so many pictures! Don't be so hard on yourself look maaaaaahvelous!!!!!!

  4. Love seeing your photos, lots that I haven't seen.
    Poor Lynette, hope she was able to get out.


  5. You are too hard on yourself - you look great! It is fun seeing all the faces. Sure looks like everyone is having fun!

  6. Beautiful pictures and it looks everyone having great day.Thanks for sharing

  7. I am loving your Market adventure pictures! Thanks so much for sharing them!!! I can't wait to see your sample spree scores! I asked someone to go there and pick out a certain RB group for me... but they failed in their mission! darn:)

  8. Everyone looks so happy, but I'm not surprised!!

  9. What a happy bunch!! All on a fabric high?

  10. Lovely post Julie - great to be able to put faces to names!

  11. Thanks for sharing all your lovely, happy pics!

  12. Looks like you had a fun time. You look gorgeous in the photos by the way! Have a relaxing weekend! Jacinta

  13. You look great in the photos and everyone looks to be having great fun!


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