Pear Tree is here!

Monday, November 14, 2011
It feels like I have been waiting a very long time to say that :) Yay! Click here to get yourself some.

12 comments on "Pear Tree is here!"
  1. Oooh that is beautiful. I've just been spending my evening trying to think how am I going to decorate my Christmas tree this year.. and the name of this .. has me thinking perhaps pastel is a wild enough idea to be completely out there and special enough to look amazing. Hmmmm you got me thinking now!

  2. I can't decide which colorway I like best!

  3. Oh's gorgeous, but how do I choose which colorway??? I want it all. lol

  4. Green or blue? Green or blue? Or pink???

  5. Beautiful fabric. Especially the blues!

  6. I`d love to mix the pink and green colorways together = lovely!

  7. Beautiful fabrics,all colorways are awesome!!

  8. Unbelievably beautiful fabrics, colours, designs. Cannot make a choice will have them all.

  9. I especially love the pinwheel and stripe!


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