Where did Monday go?

Tuesday, November 8, 2011
Hi Everyone,

My goodness Monday was a blur. Super busy in the shop and no time to blog. I am so happy because The Woodlands should be here today. I just love me some Khristian Howell... here are just a couple of my faves from this collection:

Well really I can't pick a fave... I love them all did you see the acorns? To die for!

So many new fabrics coming Echo should be here really soon as well as Power Pop, Happiness and Pear Tree.

I have people tell me sometimes that the reason they like reading my blog is they can tell how much I love fabric. It's true ever since I was a little girl I have had a fabric stash even before I could sew.... one of the things I like most about fabric and art is that you can sometimes find fun little things, if you look closely, that you might over look otherwise. Here are two of my latest discoveries that I think are so fun:

 This is the print called Secret Window from Flora Look in the little window... a moon and stars and a little spiderweb. I love it!

This is Garden Damask from Flora... see the little bunnies and the bee and the hummingbirds? I love it! Oops I say that a lot don't I?  I really do love it though. I have been enjoying rolling these fabrics out to cut they are so pretty in person and the hand is so lovely and soft. I also love the little flowers in the selvages.

Do you love to inspect your fabric close up and find all of the little surprises the designers put there for you? I bet you do :)

See ya Tomorrow!
20 comments on "Where did Monday go?"
  1. I love Flora - it's on my wish list. x

  2. The little window is so cute!!! I'm so happy your shop is doing so well!!! You're going to be extra special busy with all your new cute fabric coming in!!!!

  3. The Woodlands fabric is so cute! I love the trees print. And I'm like you, I like discovering hidden images in fabric. The ones you showed are so pretty!

  4. i love love love all of it, too!!! I'm needing some of that Flora big time!!! :) (and the Woodlands!!! eeeek!!)

  5. I had great fun having a close look at Parisville and all the hidden gems in there. Gorgeous fabric Julie!

  6. Those are adorable prints, I kept expecting a gnome to jump out somewhere.

  7. Monday was a long day for me...I locked my keys in the car.

    Love the woodlands fabric that is green with little trees!

  8. cool fabrics.
    Was it you who posted that you got some fabrics from french connection?? I read a BLOG somewhere and thought, cool, I have a store with that name in my little town, then I actually went to the french connection and an employee told me the owner was on her way back from Houston, so DING! same French connection...
    if it was you I'm curious to see what you bought!

  9. Oooo... I love the Secret Window print, thanks for the closeup. So pretty, I had not seen the spiderweb (then again, I haven't actually seen the fabric in person). Love it!

  10. Monday disappeared with the sunshine round here!

    Love those little hidden gems x

  11. Fun fabrics! I noticed the deer and the hammock in the first fabric. Cute!

  12. I love fabric too and do like to study it to see all that the designer put into it. When I was little (a LONG time ago) I used to look at fabric and think that someone 'painted' each flower or scroll or whatever design on there by hand. :)

  13. Oh no - I didn't want to love these! I have too much on my wish list already, lol.

  14. Flora is so pretty. I would have trouble having a shop. I would want to buy all the fabric and then I wouldn't want to sell it!

  15. LOOOVE these fabrics and yes, I do enjoy the little details in the fabric that you only find once you've started really looking at them

    It's going to be hard to resist temptation with some of these.

  16. Monday? HELLO? WHAT about Tuesday? I can't believe it's already Wednesday. LOL Heck, I just answered an email from my Stepmother which I thought she'd sent just two days ago. oops. FIVE days ago. whoopsie.
    I keep missing days like that and I'll just be starting to cut things for Christmas gifts about New Years' Eve.

    YES! I LOVE fabric. It's sadly part of the reason I hate the thought of cutting it. I have no problem bringing it home though. I'm going to have to cut it soon though or hubby might just say no more until I use some. I haven't had to start storing any outside my sewing room yet though so I think I may have a little more time. haha

    That Secret Window fabric ~ the minute I saw that my eyes went directly to the moon and spider web. I've always been a detail type person so I am like you and notice the little things even in the fabrics I see.


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